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Weight Loss Tips with a Magical Remedy that burn Your Fat within Days Effectively


Today, our world has become a battleground of competitions. Competition of getting more grades, more money, more luxuries, and more affectionate physical appearance. In all these loops of feedback from our minds, we think more but do none. In orderly explanation, we want flat abs with no struggle sitting on our seats, so we find alternating ways of solutions. Today, the world’s biggest problem what we in our reflection of the mirror is body fat. We find ourselves ugly and miserable to look at. But for all the problems, there are solutions. You have to keep in mind that you should eat your food as medicine or take medicines as your food. All our body problems can be permanently cured with a healthy diet and self-consistency.

So for today, we are going to discuss body fat and how to reduce it. Today’s remedy is going to show you how you can eliminate body fat from your body with natural and honestly defining, delicious way! Usually, we either don’t use natural remedies or we don’t know about them or might be known to it but not believe it. As a surety, I believe you will see 100% of result in just 3 days of use. Furthermore, it will cure digestive problems like constipation, intestinal aches, and diarrhea. It’s very effective for any age of people and hopefully, there’s no kind of side effect.


In this remedy you will need the following items:

1tbs- Dry Ginger Powder

½tbs- Fennel Seeds Powder

½tbs- Cinnamon Powder

1tbs- Nigella Seeds Powder

½tbs- Big Cardamom Powder

1tbs- Tamarind Paste

½tbs- Cumin Powder

Honey (Weight equal to the total weight of items above)

Note: (Take great care about the quantity used in the remedy for best results.)

Nigella Seeds Powder:

Nigella Seeds Powder

Nigella seeds suppress hunger and emotional eating. It is very effective for weight loss and diabetes.

To get more knowledge about the benefits of Nigella seeds, click here.

Dry Ginger Powder:

Dry Ginger Powder

It can be easily found at any grocer. It has magical effects on our body as it helps in many conditions. It’s most significant effects are that it reduces possibilities of cardiac arrest and reduce bad cholesterol in our body which helps you in losing weight. Moreover, it targets the parts where fats are stored in your body.

Fennel Seeds Powder:

Fennel Seed Powder

This item in our ingredients provides two astonishing benefits. Firstly, it increases your metabolic rate at insanely high limit. Secondly, it provides a major role in suppressing hunger. Furthermore, it helps in cure of gastric problems, for which I suggest you should add these in your green tea for a resulting proof.

Cinnamon Powder:

Cinnamon Powder

This item in our ingredients has its main role in weight loss. Due to its high fiber value, it might lessen or eradicate your hunger in an instance. We should most probably use this in the daily diet regularly.

Big Cardamom Powder:

Big Cardamom Powder

For clearance in any kind of confusion, it is hereby addressed that there are two kinds of cardamom. Big cardamom is famously used in spices in the sub-continental region. Moreover, there cannot be any ingredient better that it for burning fat in our body by decomposing it into energy. Additionally, it increases thirst which will help you in weight loss and keeping your body hydrated.

Cumin Powder:

Cumin Powder

This ingredient makes your weight loss process easy, because it has a high amount of fiber in it, where it is very important for increasing your body’s metabolism, which results in burning of calories.

Tamarind Paste:

Tamarind Paste

This is the tastiest, sourly and spicily (chatpati) ingredient in our list. Firstly, you will have to pick out the seeds from it and only add the paste in the mixture.



Firstly, measure the weight of all ingredients as a whole, and then you will have to add the honey in the same amount in weight. This will help you with your hunger as it’s a proper natural dietary supplement. Furthermore, it will bring good taste to this remedy and help the mixture to turn into a paste.

Making and Usage:


First of all, take a bowl to mix these ingredients. Add all the ingredients described above. Mix these ingredients very well (Use your hands for better quality). Now put this mixture in the jar. Take ½ tbs of this mixture before every meal of your day with water. In case of diarrhea use ½ tbs once in the first two days of the period. In your upcoming days, you’ll see clear results in your fat and chubby tummy.

Furthermore, if you watch the linked video here, you’ll be able to lose body fat quicker.

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