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Weight Loss & Lose Belly Fat Easily at Home, Simple Steps 2020

Today I will tell you about a remedy that can change your life in a very positive way. This positive change can make your personality more attractive and beautiful. Along beautifying your personality, this remedy will protect your health too.  This worthy remedy will protect you from many fatal diseases. The worthy remedy which we will talk about will cut down your belly fat in a very short time. Nowadays everyone is busy and no one has time to fight against this fat. When one realize that thing this fat is not good for his/her health and for their personality then that person most of the times, don’t have the right tool or weapon to fight against this problem. Due to insufficient or lesser knowledge about the right weapons this problem takes a worst shape.

Today I will provide you the right tool to fight and defeat this ugly fat. Along eliminating ugly fat from the body this simple remedy also help you to improve your digestive system.This remedy is a drink that can improve the functioning of your body by removing the bad fat from your body. Along telling you about the remedy I will tell you a simple but effective exercise that will defeat your undesired fat within days. So let’s start our discussion about how to cut our undesired bad fat naturally and simply. We will start our discussion with the ingredient names which will be used in the making of this remedy and the names are following:


1tbs – Fennel Seeds

2 to 3 – Green Cardamoms

1/4thtbs – Coriander Powder

½ or 0.5tbs – Carom Seeds

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seed is known as a kick-starting tool for metabolism, like a kick provides energy to its engine to start s the stopped engine of bike, in the same way fennel seeds starts the metabolism. These seeds have a special ability to absorb that fat which once was some healthy nutrients and vitamins.

Green Cardamom

We use the cardamom for good taste and fragrance. Along providing beautiful fragrance, cardamom can burn the undesired fat of body. Another specialty of this natural weapon is that it can resolve your digestion problem and makes your stomach healthier. You can use this natural tool for avoiding any vomiting problem too.

Coriander Powder

Coriander powder has a special ability to boost up the metabolism in a dramatic way. Along with affecting metabolism, it can remove the toxins of the body. One priceless benefit of this powder is that after using this powder you can feel yourself lighter.


Everybody knows that it has amazing results in fat burn and a good digestive.

Making and Use

To make this remedy the first thing we require is a pan. After taking pan place it on the stove and turn it ON. After that, add two cup water in it. Now add all the ingredients according to the above description. When you realize that thing one cup of water is been remained in the pan then turn OFF the stove. Your special drink is ready to cut your fat; the last thing you have to do it is to transfer the liquid from the pan to cup using a percolator (چھاننی).

This amazing drink cuts down your body fat within a few days. This special drink could be used by any member of your home; it has no side effect on the body because it consists of natural ingredients and as all know nature only gives us benefits. Another important thing about this drink is that this drink could be consumed by those ladies too who was suffering from a C-Section problem.

Note: You must take one glass of this drink before any meal in a day. You have to make sure that thing you will take its one cup regularly. If you left the regularity then you couldn’t get all of its precious impact on health.

If you want to get better results in a shorter duration then you must adopt the following exercise:


This exercise is extremely easy but its results are extremely effective. To get a better and fitter body you have to follow these steps:

  1. Lay down straightly on the floor (while laying down on floor your and face must be toward on sky)
  2. Place your both hands on your thighs and join your both legs
  3. Slightly push your head and legs in that way, only your legs and head are not in the contact of the floor (while lifting head and legs there must the distance of six inches between the floor and your head and foots)
  4. When you realize that thing you cross your limit to lift the head and legs then again place your head and legs on the floor and after two to three seconds repeat this task
  5. You have to perform this exercise before and after going towards your bed

This exercise will give you surprising results, keep this thing in mind that both things mean remedy and exercise will give its hundred percent results when you adapt regularity.

Note: if your belly has any kind of problem, like if your belly is suffered from any kind of operation then please avoid this exercise.

In the end, I have a very simple and easy wake-up remedy that reduces your belly fat in a very effective way.

Wake-Up Remedy

In this remedy the only thing you have to do it is to leave your bed, take a cup of water and place it in the Owen. When you feel that the water is been slightly hot then add half lemon in this cup. This simple remedy will cut your fat in a very effective and natural way.

All of the suggestions will give their 100 percent impact on your health if you assure the regularity. If you assure regularity then I will assure you that your better and fitter belly will not only observe by you but all the people in your surrounding will surely give you compliments about your fitter belly. So use these natural suggestions and make yourself and a healthy, fit and happy person.

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