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Weight Loss Home Remedy that Cut Fat and Reduces Hunger


The remedy we will discuss today will help you to smash a fatal disease. This disease will invite many other diseases to attack your body that leads you towards death. This disease seems very ordinary but proves itself, the root of several diseases. Along with damaging health, it also decreases the beauty of one’s personality. I am talking about obesity. Nowadays, beautiful personality helps you to achieve better opportunities. To avoid this disease the first thing required is a strong determinism. If you have the determinism then the only thing you require is a calorie-burning remedy.

Calories are the main problem due to which obesity takes place. Today I will tell you a tasty and effective way to burn calories within a few days. This remedy cut your fat by burning your calories and provides you a beautiful and gracious personality. Means this article helps you to avoid a fatal disease, along making your personality better. Better personality guarantees better opportunities that make your life beautiful. The ingredients that help you to make your life beautiful are the following:


1tbl – Basil/Chia Seeds

½tbs – Ginger Juice

1tbs – Honey

Half Lemon Juice

Note: This remedy is not for those people whose age is 18 or less. This remedy will lower down the estrogen Harmon from ladies body, therefore, it is quite harmful to pregnant ladies.

If you don’t have any knowledge about “Estrogen Harmon” then, click here.

Basil/Chia Seeds

Basil or Chia Seeds

These seeds decrease hunger and it will help you to lose weight effectively.

If you want to know more about “Basil Seeds” then click here.

Ginger Juice


It is also named as “Negative Calorie Herb” because it is a very useful weapon that fights against calories. Ginger is very useful for tummy and resolves many digestive problems effectively. It has very good impacts on flu and throat problems.



We use honey only for good taste; honey is not a good weapon that fights against obesity. Not a single research claims that honey burn calories, instead of burning calories it increase hunger.



Lemon works like basil seeds mean it removes your hunger by filling your intestines and stomach. It also has the ability to hydrate your body and make your metabolism faster.

Making of Remedy

Making of Remedy

First of all, take one tablespoon of basil seeds and put this in a bowl and fill the bowl with water and remain it there for at least two hours. After two hours you find that the size of seeds is increased, at that time add gingers juice in this. Remember that thing large quantity of ginger juice will make this drink bitterer. After adding ginger add honey in this mixture. In the end, add half tablespoon of lemon juice in it and grind all these ingredients. You discover that thing this drink seems like a very thick drink. You can add more water to it without any hesitation. Now an extraordinary drink is ready to beautify your personality and kick out obesity from your body.


Drink this mixture after eating breakfast. Basil seeds not easily digest in the stomach and in the small intestine. This thing becomes the reason for decreasing hunger. Along with decreasing hunger, this low-calorie drink will hydrate your body as well. This drink will prove itself an important and impactful tool for your body and gives you desired results within a few days.

Note: if you want to lose weight in a very short span of time then please add exercise in your daily routine.

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