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Uric Acid Symptoms, Prevention, Reason of its Occurrence and Home Treatment


Today I will give you some information about a fatal disease. This disease is rapidly spreading in our surroundings. It will ruin one’s life and also put many fatal impacts on health. This disease can damage different parts of our body. Nowadays this disease is a bit common which is a horrible thing. Name of this disease is “Uric Acid”. I am damn sure about that thing this disease name is not new for you. Today I will tell you “What the Uric Acid disease is?”  Along defining this disease I will tell you its symptoms and reason for occurring of this disease. Not only that I try my best to guide you about food. In this guide, I will tell you which sort of food is good for you which kind of food you have to avoid.

To defeat this disease, your diet plays an important role that makes your health well. Along giving guidance I will also tell you some remedies to get rid of Uric Acid problem. So let’s start our discussion with that question:

What is Uric Acid disease?

“The process in which acidity of human blood is exceeded to its natural quantity is named as Uric Acid. In Uric Acid disease protein’s quantity of our body is also increased to its natural quantity”.

Human Blood

So, all the people who are suffering from this disease avoid red meat.  Because red meat contains too much protein but patients can eat fish meat without any hesitation. The reasons for the occurrence of this fatal disease are the following:

Reasons behind Occurring Uric Acid Problem

There are several reasons due to which this disease attacks you but the major ones are the following:



Excessive use of Alcohol” is the major reason for the occurrence of this fatal disease. If some sort of deterioration occurs in your Parathyroid Gland then this thing also becomes a reason for appearing this disease too.  Due to these reasons, uric acid starts to freeze on different parts of our body. This refrigeration becomes the reason of appearing symptoms of uric acid which are the following:

Symptoms of Uric Acid Disease

Some symptoms of this disease describe below:

Pain in joints that usually called rheumatism

Swelling and pain in the thumb of feet

High Blood Pressure

Heart Diseases


Pain and Swelling of feet thumb

When you found that all of the symptoms of this disease appear then you have to be very careful about your diet. If you didn’t avoid eating the prevented meal then this disease will turn to its intense version which is very painful. When you find that thing all symptoms appear and you are suffering from this disease then your diet need guidance. The guidance that tells you which food helps you to get rid of this problem. It will also tell you what sort of food you can eat within a small amount and what sort of food is restricted to eat.

Allowed Food

In this disease you can eat and drink the following things without any hesitation:

Date, banana, apricot, apple, melon, plum, green tea, red beetroot, mealies, rice, olive, almonds, and carrot-like foods are allowed to eat.

Allowed Food (But Minimum Quantity)

You can eat these things but in a very small amount, excessive use of the following May leads you towards an intense form of this disease:

Dal, ram meat, chicken, poppies (Khashkhaash), beans, and peas like foods are good. But their excessive use may lead your disease to the most horrible version.

Prevented Food

This food describes below is restricted because its small use make this disease horrible which is terrifying:

Purtenance/Giblet, yeast, small sea fish, beef, trotters, and cold drink like food is extremely harmful in this disease. So please avoid these things to eat not for you but for your loved ones.


  1. In Uric Acid disease mostly people feel too much pain in their joints. According to research the fragrance of spices like black pepper and clove will help us to get rid of this problem. Means if you feel pain in your joints then inhale the fragrance of these spices.

    Fragranced Masalha

  2. Eat that yogurt which is made-up using fat-free milk will also help you to fight against this disease.
  3. Baking soda is a special blessing for those people whose kidneys are affected due to uric acid. To avoid this disease take a glass of water and add one spoon of baking soda in it. Drink this two times in a day; this will become the reason for releasing more quantity of urine. This process cleans your kidneys and you will get comfort against pain in kidneys.

Baking Soda

Note: this process is suggested for those people whose age is less than 60 and not suffering from any sort of kidney disease. Do not use this remedy for more than 2 weeks; if you did this you’ll receive some horrible side effects.

In this disease use mint and coriander and avoid all products of the bakery. If uric acid attacks on your kidneys then drink water in the large amount. Please avoid alcohol and eat fiber food. A little exercise and a balanced diet act as a dangerous weapon against uric acid disease.

Note: Please avoid those activities that require too much exertion.

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