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Remove Unwanted Hair at Home with 3 Amazing Remedies DIY

Life is full of uncertainty, from this uncertain life we will receive a lot of things. All the gifts received from our uncertain life are not those which we desired. Sometimes we get some unwanted stuff, and a common disadvantage of each unwanted stuff is that all of them are irritating and never leave anyone effortlessly. Today I will tell you how you can get rid of a terrible unwanted thing. The unwanted thing I am talking about has the ability to fade one’s face beauty which directly affects one’s personality. The terrible unwanted thing I am talking about is the hairs that appear on the face of girls and women. These hairs appeared on the face for several reasons. Mostly these hairs one received from their parents, or sometimes the reason for their appearance is Hormones. 

There are a lot of ways to remove these hairs, and most of them are painful. Those techniques which are not painful are so expensive that everyone couldn’t afford that kind of treatment. Besides all these things, today’s remedy eliminates all the unwanted hairs from your face without giving you pain, and this treatment didn’t require too much money. Another advantage of this remedy is that it will not only removes hair but also provide you an attractive glow. So let’s start our discussion with the name of the ingredients, required to make this effective remedy. The name of the ingredients are the following:


This remedy requires only one ingredient which is the following:

Walnut Covers

Note: you can get these covers by buying walnuts, and if you didn’t want to spend money on purchasing walnuts, then you can get these covers from any grocer’s shop.

Making and Use

First of all, take some walnut covers and put them on the stove and turn it on, when these covers turn into coal then turn off the stove. After that mash them and make powder of these coals. In the end, add a little amount of water in it and make a paste of it.

Apply this paste on that part of your face or that part of your arms where unwanted hairs appeared. You have to apply this paste twice a day. This paste makes the unwanted hairs thin, and after a few days, you will found that thing not a single hair is been left at that place. This process is a little bit slow but, it will surely give you the desired result effectively.

Note: This remedy is not very effective for teenagers, if you are a teenager then the below remedy is especially for you.

If you didn’t want to use this remedy or if you have some kind of problem with walnuts then you can use the below remedy. It is also very effective and cheap, and made up using the following ingredients:


1tbs – Weight Flour/Dough (Medah)

½tbs – Alum (Powder Form)


Making and Use

To make this remedy the first thing we require is a bowl that contains one tablespoon dough. Add powdered alum in it and use rosewater to turn these powders into a thick paste. Apply this paste on that area of your face where unwanted hairs are appear. Remain this paste on hair areas until it is completely dried up. When this paste dried up, remove it by rubbing this paste, and in the end wash your face or arms. You have to perform this task regularly and after a month you will get a hair-free face and arms.

I also have another remedy to remove hairs, which is more beneficial as compared to those which are described above. The remedy I am talking about requires a bit more effort and you will surely get more benefits from this effort. This remedy consists of the following ingredients:  


2tbs – Gelatin Powder

Hot Boiled Milk

1tbs – Gram Flour

1tbs – Honey

1pugil – Turmeric Powder

Note: you can use any peel-off mask instead of gelatin powder but remember that thing gelatin powder is more beneficial. If your skin is oily then use hot boiled rosewater instead of milk.

Making and Use

This remedy requires a small bowl that contains gelatin powder. Add hot milk in it, we use hot milk because we want to melt the gelatin, so it will give us more benefits. After that add gram flour and honey in this mixture. In the end, add turmeric powder and mix them. After mixing them, apply it on your face and arms. But before apply this paste, confirm that thing the paste must be hot. If it is not hot then place it in microwave Owen. This paste is a wax and as you know all wax is hot at the time of applying on face or arms. When this paste cools down then it will take a shape of peels. Remove these peels and you will find that thing your hair is also removed with this paste too.

This wax is not as much harder and painful as ordinary ones. This paste not only removes hairs but also makes your skin radiant and provides an attractive glow too. This paste contains honey which will fight against all kinds of irritation and infections. This means you can use this remedy without any hesitation and it will surely give you desired results which is not only noticed by you but also recognized by your audiences too.

Note: if your skin is sensitive then perform a patch test before applying the paste on your complete face and arms.

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