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Remove LARGE PORES Permanently Homemade Natural Treatment

Today I will tell you about a remedy that will resolve a very common problem of face. This problem most of the time occurs due to hot weather or sometimes this problem occurs due to older age. I am talking about open pores; these pores make our skin uneven.  These open pores become the reason of appearing more sweat on face and this sweat ruin one’s beauty. These pores are the real enemy for those who like makeup. The excessive sweat released by these pores becomes the reason of making anyone a horrible witch. If you are suffering from this kind of problem then don’t worry today is your day. Because today I will tell you how you can avoid these pores and make yourself more beautiful and attractive.

Remove large open pores

My all remedies are made up using natural ingredients and this remedy will also follow that trend too. I always prefer natural ingredients because nature always gives us benefits and protect us from every kind of problem. Today’s remedy will made-up from those ingredients which are widely available in the kitchen. This remedy consists of the following ingredient:


Mint Leaves


Aloe Vera


Mint Leaves

These leaves are not ordinary leaves they have the ability to remove blackheads and whiteheads from the face. It consists of cool antiseptic materials that cleanse pores and remove irritation and itching. Do you know this irritation and itching becomes the reason of appearing pimples on face and sometimes this itching invite infection to put pus in these pimples? Along protecting you from infection these leaves shrink the pores and it also has a very good impact on acne and marks. Mint leaves have magical ability to make your skin soft and it also promotes skin fairness.


Do you know cucumber is a natural skin hydrant? Cucumber has the ability to replenish the empty pores and tighten our skin. Cucumber contains a heavy amount of vitamin C and it also contains caffeic acid which is an extraordinary antioxidant. This antioxidant is very good for acne and makes skin soothing and irritation-free.


To make this remedy the first thing we require is a grinder. After getting the grinder put a few mint leaves in it and after that adds few slices of cucumber in it. After adding cucumber take a small piece of Aloe Vera leaves and cut their both edges and put this piece in a grinder along with its cover. When all mentioned things are gathered, start your grinder and make a paste of these three ingredients. In the end, take a tomato and cut its top and remove its pulp and fill this tomato with the paste of mint leaves, cucumber and Aloe Vera. After that place, this filled tomato in the freezer and wait until all paste turns into a solid shape. And here your remedy is ready to give you pores and acne-free face that enhance your beauty and personality.

How to Use?

  • Cut the tomato from the top in that way the wall of tomato and paste are on the same level
  • After washing your face apply the tomato on your face in the morning
  • Rub this tomato on your face with soft hands for at least 4 to 5 minutes
  • After applying this tomato remain it there for at least 2 hours
  • After two hours wash your face
  • You can apply this on your face for 2 to 3 times in a day

With very first use you will discover its brilliant results. You can observe that thing your sweat amount will be decreased with the very first use. You can apply makeup after using this and you find that thing your make-up remains there for a long time. This remedy will shrink the pores within days and increase your beauty effectively.

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