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How to Remove Head Lice & Treat with Home Remedies

Today I will tell you how you can resolve a problem which seems very small. This problem has multiple faces that can disturb you in different ways. This problem has the ability to disgrace you in a sensible company. Make an image of a company which consistof sensible personalities where you have to give a good impression. After spending a little time among them you feel itching in your hairs or a louse (plural Lice) which is the reason for this itching is just appeared on your shoulder or on your hairs. This impression will surely ruin your good impact which you want to give. Today I’ll tell you those remedies which will ruin the lives of the lice as they ruin yours.

Today I am going to tell you how you’ll achieve comfort against this problem. This problem is not very small therefore I will tell you some special remedies that will rescue you. All of the remedies are so much effective that they will give you desired results within a few days. Another common specialty of these remedies is that, they all made up using natural ingredients except one remedy. Means you can use all of them without any hesitation. The first remedy against this problem is described below:

Remedy Number 1

how to get rid of head lice, anti head lice oil

The main hero of this remedy is Jamba Oil (تیلکاتارامیرا).  This oil is widely available in Pakistan, India and in West Asian countries. You can get this oil easily from any grocer’s shop and it has a lot of benefits on hairs. But we will use it only for ruining the lives of lice. The only thing you have to do it is to apply this oil on your hairs from scalp to hair ends. After taking massage of this oil, bind you hairs with hair-catcher when the hairs are completely wet. In the end, cover them with a shopper bag or with a cloth. We cover our hairs because lice will move towards the hair ends when we apply this oil on the scalp. After a while remove this cover and comb your tangles slowly with a narrow comb.

You can find impressive impacts of this remedy with the very first use. Repeat this task after every three days and after fifteen days you will succeed to depart all lice from your hairs. This remedy will give you desired results in an effective way but if you don’t want to use this remedy follow the remedy described below:

Remedy Number 2

anti head lice remedy with ginger 

This remedy will be made up using those ingredients which are widely available in the kitchen. This remedy consists of lemon and ginger.  To make this remedy the first thing we require is a bowl, add two tablespoons of lemon juice in this bowl. After adding lemon add two tablespoons of ginger juice in the bowl, after that mix them and apply this mixture on your hairs as described above. Means apply this mixture on hairs and cover them, after a while remove this cover and comb your hairs with a narrow comb.

Lemon has a very good impact against dandruff and has countless benefits on hairs. Ginger is also very impactful for hairs and always proves it a good conditioner. It is enriched with vitamins and essential oils. Ginger removes itching and makes hair more manageable and shiny. This remedy is also able to give you amazing results, but if you have some problem with lemon or ginger then you can use the remedy described below:

Remedy Number 3

neem leaves are effective solution for head lice

This remedy consists of only one ingredient named “Neem Leaves”. The only thing you have to do it is to place a pan on the burner and turn it on. Add water in this pan and put the Neem leaves in it and boil them. After boiling all the goodness of leaves are transferred into the water. Now you have to wash your hairs with this water, when this water cools down.  After the very first use of this remedy will surprise you with its extraordinary results. Along removing lice from your hairs it will also increase the growth of your hairs. When you boil Neem leaves with coconut oil then this oil will protect you from several problems of hairs. If you want to skip the boiling process then you can use Neem oil too. This oil is quite easily available at grocer’s shop.

If you have some problem with Neem Leaves then, the remedy shown below will help you. This remedy is also very effective against lice.

Remedy Number 4

anti lice leaves, basil leaves

The hero of this remedy is “Basil Leaves”, which is an amazing blessing of nature. To make this remedy the first thing we require is a pan. Put basil leaves in this pan and add a small amount of mustard oil in it. Place this pan on the stove and turn it on with a little flame because we don’t want to burn these leaves. After 10 minutes turn off the stove and apply this oil on your hairs from scalp to hair ends. After applying this oil on hairs cover your hairs with a shopper bag or with any cloth. Remain this oil on hairs for at least two hours, after two hours remove this cover and wash your hairs.

Use this remedy two times a week and after the first week, you will get its amazing effects. Basil leaves not only eliminate lice from your hair but also increase the growth of your hairs. If your hair contains dandruff in large amount along with lice then this remedy is a blessing for you. If you want quick results then the below-described remedy will help you a lot. This remedy gives you the desired results within one to two hours.

Remedy Number 5

Permethrin anti lice remedy with mustard oil

This remedy is especially for those people whose hairs contain a bunch of lice, which will not leave their hairs easily and they try everything. This remedy contains two ingredients, one is mustard oil which is natural but the second and most effective one is not natural. It is very harsh for lice and also put some bad effects on hairs but if your hairs contain too many lice then this ingredient gives you surprising results. This ingredient doesn’t have any specific name but its chemical called Permethrin. This chemical is used to kill mouse and lice and its color is purple and its shape is like small beads. It is widely available at grocer’s shop.

This remedy requires a small bowl which contains mustard oil. Add the small beads (Permethrin) packet in this oil and left this bowl for 4 to 5 hours. After 4 hours apply this on your hairs and bind them with a hair-catcher. After thirty minutes release your hairs and comb them with a narrow comb. You will get the dead bodies of lice on the comb, after combing the hairs. This remedy is extremely powerful against lice, I know it contains some harsh effects but its results are more effective as compared to its side effects.

Note: use this remedy only when you tried all the remedies or when your lice problem does not remain normal.

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