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How to Remove Blackheads 100% Permanently at Home

As all know the face is the main representative of one’s personality and if something bad happens with it, then all goodness of personality ruined. Today, we will discuss a remedy that will help you to avoid that kind of problem which ruins one’s beauty by ruining one’s face. The problem I am talking about is blackheads. This problem is not the ordinary one; this thing is better realized and understands by those who are suffering from this problem. Blackheads are little holes appeared on the face that makes face extremely horrible. Many people try to eliminate these blackheads by squeezing them and some people prefer steaming but all effort to eliminate blackheads from face goes wasted.

Today I will tell you a remedy that will definitely remove these blackheads. This remedy will eliminate blackheads by making them smooth and silky. This remedy not only removes blackheads but also ensures that it will never appear on the face again. Along removing blackheads this remedy makes skin light and increases the charm of personality in a supernatural way. So let’s start our discussion without wasting our time. This remedy made-up using the following ingredients:

remove blackheads instantly at home with this remedy


3 to 4 – Almonds

1tbs – sesame seeds


Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds have exceptional benefits on the body of humans; it is impossible to describe all the benefits of sesame seeds. These seeds increase the memory of humans and have the ability to make our body fleshy. Sesame seeds can give us a reddish-white skin that increases the beauty of our personality.

If you want to know more about sesame seeds the click here.


blackheads memoona muslima

Milk is one of the most effective weapons against blackheads. It contains lactic acid that has the ability to clear pigmentation and skin. Believe me, it is one of the best and effective tools to increase beauty.


how to make remedy for blackheads memoona muslima

This extraordinary remedy firstly demands a small bowl that contains almonds. Add sesame seeds in this bowl and put milk in it. After placing all things, in the same bowl left it for a whole night. We left this mixture because we want to absorb all the goodness of milk in the almonds. If we are successful to do that thing then we will get more nutrients that are necessary to remove these blackheads. In the morning extract almonds from the bowl and remove its peel. After that again put the almonds in this bowl and smash them and make a paste of this mixture. You can use the grinder to make the paste of this mixture. After transforming this mixture into a paste, the magical remedy is ready to use. It will remove all blackheads from your face in no time.


  • First of all, wash your face
  • Apply this paste on your blackheads
  • Remain it there until this mixture is completely dried up
  • When this paste will dried-up then put your fingers in milk and removes this paste by rubbing your face (like you rub your face during the scrubbing).

remove blackheads from face and nose

This remedy will surely remove all blackheads from your face and make it more beautiful and attractive. Along removing blackheads it also eliminates most of the skin disorders effectively. No one has doubt about the goodness of these ingredients they have the ability to pop up these blackheads and remove it effectively. So use it and be noticeable in every company.

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