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Nazla aur Khansi Ka Asan Gharelu Ilaj – Cough and Flu – In Urdu 2018

Memoona Muslima is here,

Today, I’m going to tell you some amazing tips for a cough & flu, these tips contain simple home remedies from your kitchen as well. Actually, cough is not a disease but a condition. It’s true, this is a critical condition. This in itself is not a disease but is caused by a malfunction of the respiratory system. Or so they say, it is a disease of the respiratory diseases. A cough has two kinds, dry and mucus. Its reasons are included respiratory tract infections, pneumonia, allergies, dust, pollution, fast aroma etc… Sometimes these diseases are also caused due to cold. Usually, attack children and older people because of lack of immunity in children and adults. If a cough is chronic or is not stopping, you should consult a specialist doctor because it can also be a sign of some dangerous diseases as tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma etc…

Getting the treatment from initial stages. I’ll tell you some amazing, how we can overcome these diseases.

1: Lemon & Honey

If you get the flu, take a lemon juice and half a teaspoon of honey, periodically lick, In a day or two, the cold will be fine.

2: Black Pepper

You feel like the signs or symptoms of flu, as soon as possible take five to six grains of pepper with water, you will survive the cold.

3: Ginger

If the flu is due to cold, take one teaspoon ginger extract, add some honey, periodically lick, it treats flu.

4: Black Gram

Black gram’s soup without oil is more effective in this condition.

5: Halwa Basin

Halwa Basin & pakoras are also useful for flu.

6: Mulberry for Chronic Flu

Eat empty stomach 200gm Mulberry few days for a chronic cold with one teaspoon khameera gaozaban (a herbal product)

7: Nigella Seeds

If you have to reduce the intensity of coldness, roast some nigella seeds on a pan, smell it & inhale aroma through your nose.

8: Pumpkins

Pumpkin oil is also a great remedy for cold & flu, take one cup of hot milk, add one teaspoon pumpkin oil, take it twice a day.

9: Neem Leaves

Take fresh neem leaves and boil them in water, when boiled, cover your head with a cloth and take steam for 5 to 10 minutes.

10: Garlic for a Cough

Boil two pieces of garlic in one cup of water, and drink it. It’s a very simple and effective treatment of a cough.

11: Pinus Gerardiana for Chronic Cough

Eat Pinus gerardiana with honey, it’s a wonderful treatment of a chronic cough.

12: Egg for a Cough

You’ll survive a cough, eating egg yolk with honey at night and sleep will also be comforted.

13: Milk & Jalebi (a sweet)

Sleep will be also comforted if you take boiled milk jalebi (a sweet) before sleep.

14: Cloves for Cough

Fry some clove grains and two pieces of garlic in the mustard oil well, when ready apply and massage on throat and back of the ears. Doing this two to three times will cure a cough.

15: Whooping cough & Banana Tree Leaves

Take some dry banana tree leaves and burn them, collect the ash and give half teaspoon with honey to the patient twice or thrice a day. It’s an experimental remedy to cure whooping cough.

I hope you’ll be enjoy to know these simple remedies for cough and ful treatment. If yes, then share with your friends, let us know your experience via comment below.

Thank you

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