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Natural Hair Dye Remedy for Mahogany Color that lasts for a long time


Today I’ll tell you a remedy that beautifies your personality for ages. One of the most visible and important parts of our personality are our hairs. Many humans want to make herself/himself unique in the crowd so they color their hair for lasting ages. This change makes a person more attractive and unique. Nowadays, this way to make you unique is quite expensive because the products available in our market that color hairs are a bit expensive.

Some cheaper products are also available there but these products have horrible side effects. Today I will tell you how to color your hairs in a safer and cheaper way. This remedy contains only natural ingredients that didn’t have a single side effect. This remedy not only colors your hair but also remove dandruff from your head. Along removing dandruff this remedy makes your hair long, thick, strong and shiny.

There is a large number of products are available in our markets that color hairs but most of them contain chemicals. Chemicals give us very fast result but their side effects have more disadvantages as compared to their benefits. So always try to make yourself safe and use natural things. The remedies we will use today consist of five ingredients while four ingredients are supernatural and the fifth one is partially natural.


1 packet – Henna

1tbs – Catechu

1/2tbs – Citric Acid

2tbs – Sugar

2tbs – Tea



We will color our hairs with henna and make it more effective, we use other described ingredients as well. For this remedy, I will suggest you “Al-SAUDIA DULHAN HINA” because its reviews are bit well. If you want to use any other henna you can use it as well.



This ingredient is easily founded from the shop of betel; ensure that its name must be “Nawab Kattha”. Catechu helps to darken the color of henna. In this remedy, we will use this in powdered form, so before use grind it. If you didn’t find catechu then you can use coffee as an alternative.

Citric Acid

Citric Acid

Citric acid gives a very beautiful tint to your hairs. But if your head contains any sort of abscesses, pimples and wound then you can skip it. If you didn’t face any sort of these problems then use citric acid because it removes dandruff and lice from the head. Citric acid also removes the smell which occurred in your head due to sweat in summer.



Sugar is used to make the henna color more darken and it makes the henna color more long-lasting. When girls apply henna on their hands, they use the mixture of treacle and lemon. Advantage of this mixture is that henna remains at its place and not allows shattering, so the design of henna is not damaged easily.

Making of Hair Color

Making of Hair Dye

First of all, take a dry bowl and mix all ingredients with weight defined above except tea. For this remedy, we require catechu in powder form so grind this before using. After mixing the four ingredients place bowl in a safer place. After that take a pan and pour two glass of water in it and add two tablespoons of tea and boil it.

When water is boiled up and their reductions are started then turn off your burner. When the water cools down sieve it and adds it with the mixture we made before. Add water in the mixture slowly, because if we start to add water rapidly you’ll find that small chunks of henna in the solution. After making this mixture leave if for a whole night, in the morning you can smell one of the most beautiful fragrances. This fragrance tells that I am your end product.

How to apply it?

  • Wash your hair before applying this mixture; try to make sure that you didn’t apply oil before using this mixture.
  • After applying this on the head, keep it there for at least 2 to 3 hours
  • When this mixture is dry, wash your hair with a shampoo


  • If you want extra shine then add one lemon juice in half glass of water and then use it as a conditioner. Put this conditioner in a spray bottle for easy use.
  • For good results use this mixture at least one time in a week.

This remedy is very effective, so effective that it gives you the desired result with the first use. Use this mixture 3 to 4 times and you got very beautiful and long-lasting color of hairs.


It’s an honor to have a visiter like you. Thanks for visiting and if you have any query then ask in comments.

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