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Gurday, Masanay Kidney & Bladder Stone Pain Relief Ilaj

Memoona Muslima is here,

Today, we’re going to talk about kidney pain treatment with home remedies. The main reason for this pain is lack of water in the human body. Man back towards the spine feels the pain. Moreover, a high temperature in Summer also may be a cause of this pain. If the pain is severe that indicates to a serious medical treatment also dehydration and UTI’s. Kidney stone, urinary tract infection both conditions create left or right flank pain.

1: Black pepper, Egg & Turmeric

Grind some grains of black pepper, take an egg yolk and a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix them well to make a paste. Now, apply it to pain area you’ll get pain relief magically in moments.

2: Cumin

Take 20 grams of white cumin and 12 grams of black cumin, 6 grams of black salt, grind them all to give powder form. Now, take some honey and mix in the powder. Take 3 grams after every one hour. This is an experimental treatment to get relief severe flack pain.

3: Radish

If you have a kidney stone and severe pain, take a fried potato, radish in equal weight and some fennel, black pepper & salt, use them periodically in a day. These are very useful remedies for a kidney stone & pain.

Where kidney stone is a disease, there is a bladder stone also a disease. Now, we’re going to tell you some effective remedies for a kidney & bladder stone.

Stones and Quick Remedies:

  1. Having kidney stone, use Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) leaves extract with honey at least for 6 months. Kidney stones will be removed into broken pieces by itself from the way of urine automatically.
  2. After every major meal, take 10 drops of nigella oil and one teaspoon honey, mix them with lukewarm water to drink. It’s also a very simple and effective remedy to break stone.
  3. Take 25 grams of fennel & dry coriander, dip into the one-liter water. Drink it in daily routine in the morning with empty stomach and in the evening. It will increase your urine flow & stone will flash out. Useful for kidney & bladder stone.
  4. Coconut and its water and oil are very useful for the weakness of the bladder, whereas dates, apple & papaya are stones breakers.

Precautions in UTI Diseases:

  • Avoid eating tomatoes and biriyani (Rice), these make this condition very severe.

Note: These remedies are not substituted for any medical treatment. If the situation is more painful or feeling difficulties in passing urine, then immediately contact your doctor.

So viewers, if you’re enjoying our remedies, please write us your experience below in comment section. And don’t forget to share remedies with your friends.

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