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Keratin Treatment at Home That Makes Hairs Shiny, Silky and Healthy


Today I will tell you about a remedy that will improve your beauty and make you more presentable. Just imagine that thing your color is fair and your eyes have an attraction but your hairs are rough and mismanaged. This image will show you that your personality is a bit ruined. This thing happens because hair represents one’s personality and style. The remedy I will tell you today will help you to improve your looks by improving your hairs. This remedy will give you straight and well-managed hairs in a natural way.

Nowadays there are a lot of companies available in the market that claims that their products make your hair straight and well-managed. Their products will give you results soon, but the chemicals available in these products will steal dampness of hairs. These dry hairs will demolish your good looks and turn it toward horrible ones. But I will guarantee you that my remedy will give you desired results without having any sort of side effects. This remedy will also repair your damaged hair and makes them more shiny and silky. It will moisturize your hairs and make your hair softer. This remedy is implemented in two parts. First part’s ingredients are the following


One-fourth cup – Coconut Milk

3tbs – Glycerin

First Part Ingredients

First of all, take a spray bottle and add one fourth cup coconut milk in it. After that add 3 tablespoons glycerin in this bottle and mix them. Spray that liquid on your hairs in that way no hair remains dry. This is the initial part of this remedy; the main remedy is described below.

Note: if you don’t know how you get coconut milk then click on coconut milk that leads you towards a video.

The second and main part of this remedy contains the following ingredients:


2 to 3tbs – Orange Juice

1tbs – Mayonnaise

1tbs – Boiled Rice (Mashed)

1tbs – Hair Conditioner

Main Remedy

To make this main remedy, first of all, you have to take a small bowl and add 2 to 3 tablespoons orange juice in it. After that add 1 big spoon of mayonnaise in this and then add mashed boiled rice in this mixture. In the end, add any mild hair conditioner in this mixture. For this remedy, I am using LOLANE’s conditioner whose name is “Natura Hair Treatment”. You can use any mild conditioner no restrictions in it. After that mix, all the ingredients and you found that mixture which will give awesome looks and desired results is ready.


  • First of all spray the liquid on hairs which we make before the main remedy
  • After that apply this mixture on your hairs in that way which is shown in below figure

Apply this on your hair like this

  • Remain this mixture on your hairs for 30 to 40 minutes
  • Wash your hairs with any shampoo after 30 to 40 minutes and comb your hairs

After combing hairs, you find that your hairs give you a shiny look which will pretty impressive. This remedies also gifts you straighten and well-managed hairs in a natural way without wasting too much money. These hairs make your personality more better, more presentable and more attractive.

Note: if your hairs are too long then add all ingredients in larger quantity but the ratio should remain the same.


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