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Joron Ke Dard Ka Desi Ilaj – Get Rid From Joint Pain ★ Health & Beauty Tips In Urdu/Hindi 2018

Most often, due to hard physical activity, the weakness in the body causes pain joints. Joint pain is likely to be higher in the winter season. Of all ages, especially the elderly, people suffering this disease. But you no need to worry about it because we’ll tell you its treatment with home remedies and some effective precautions. Here are the 10 Solutions to Get Rid of Joint Pain Permanently for All…

1: SunBath

Its a best practice to take sunbath daily, Sun is a rich source of vitamin D, as you know vitamin D is good for bones and helps to absorb Calcium quickly. 10 to 15 minutes daily Sun sitting makes your bones healthy and obviously, joints will be stronger.

2: Warm Water

In joint pain, to take bath with warm water is very beneficial. Try to eat hot foods, like soup etc… Use hot water bottle when you feel pain. Joint pain victim should avoid cold things and environment.

3: Oil Massaging

Oil massaging is very useful in this condition. Nowadays, everybody has mustard oil at his home, so its massage gives relief and a sigh of calm. Mustard oil has fewer acids, fenugreek seed oil also can be used for massage.

4: Diet

Changes in diet also cause arthritis. Use of more sugar, chocolate, cheese, milk made bakery foods, beef, tomato, and eggs are forbidden diets in this disease. Because tomato has uric acid and if the egg is necessary to eat then it can be taken once a week.

5: Copper Pots

Usually, it is said that drinking water in the copper vessel affects pain. Keep water overnight in a copper vessel and drink it in the morning empty stomach, its very useful trick to get rid of this pain.

6: Seasonal Fruits

We can’t ignore the importance of seasonal fruits, juicy fruits are very useful for joint pain because these are full of vitamins like orange, banana, mango, guava, apple & papaya. Peach & fig are very beneficial in this pain.

7: Kitchen is a Doctor

Kitchen of women is a great family doctor. Because of it has amazing remedies like cinnamon, fenugreek seeds, honey, ginger, garlic, nigella seeds, fennel & ajwain. Neither home remedies have the disadvantages nor side effects. And vegetables have pretty much quantity of folic acid like carrot & spinach etc…

8: Turmeric Powder

Mix one tbs in one glass milk, it works as an antiseptic, take twice a day, it prevents joint swelling. Turmeric has the best treatment of joint pain, it heals internal wounds, refines the blood, also increases memory power, it’s a great weapon to escape your body from toxic fluids.

9: Cinnamon

It exists almost every home. Use of cinnamon provides pain relief. It kills various kinds of bacterias and has surprising benefits in joint pain. It can be used for tooth pain if a glass of warm water is taken with honey and cinnamon relieves joint swelling. Cinnamon tea is also beneficial to lose weight loss.

10: Fenugreek Leaves

Fenugreek as a vegetable is very cheaply available in the market but has amazing health benefits. Removes joint pain and bone weakness. It is rich in vitamin A, B & C along with Iron. Very successful treatment heard of this vegetable is liver pain and low back pain. Fenugreek seed and leaves have natural minerals and powers, its use gives all kinds of pain in the body. Also, an antibacterial, therefore, helps to escape all infections. So, eating as a vegetable relieves joint pain and low back pain.

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