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Ispaghol (Husk) Benefits & Side Effects for Human Bod

Today I will reveal some amazing facts about the Psyllium Husk (چھلکا کا اسپغول). This husk is not an ordinary blessing of nature, it contains so many miracles that no one can even think about all of them. One of the miracles of this husk is its tremendous ability to fight against fatal diseases. Along with fighting against fatal diseases husk also has a very effective miracle, the miracle I am talking about is the miracle of providing us beauty. But today we will talk about only those miracles of husk which are related to health.

Today we will cover the following questions:

  1. What is Psyllium Husk?
  2. How we can use it?
  3. How we can use it against fatal diseases like blood pressure, sugar, and diabetes?

Along with covering these questions, we will also include some other questions as well. As all know every coin has two faces, which means everything which has benefits, also has some disadvantages. Today we will also talk about the disadvantages of husk. So let’s start our discussion about the Psyllium husk with that question:

What is Psyllium Husk?

Psyllium husk is a rich source of fiber, which can fulfill the need of fiber of our body. This husk is a natural treatment for cleaning the large intestine of our body. It cleans your intestine by absorbing fatal waste and extra water of this intestine. This absorption cleans the digestive duct, this process of cleaning duct, protects you from diarrhea, constipation, and many other diseases like that.

Now the question is that:

How we can use it and get its amazing benefits?

We can use this natural product in many ways, all the techniques help us to get different advantages and benefits. Some of the techniques and their benefits are the following:

Technique No. 1

This technique is for those who are suffering from a gas problem or their digestive system is not working well. This technique requires only two things one is water and the second one is Psyllium husk. The only thing, you have to do it is to place the husk in water and drink it. If you are facing some problems while passing stool then this technique will be very helpful for you too. This water will also protect you from constipation.

Technique No. 2

If you want to reduce weight, then take a glass of water and add one tablespoon of Psyllium husk in it and drink it before eating a meal. Keep remember that thing, take your meal after 30 minutes of drinking this water. This water will reduce your hunger and compels you to eat less, this thing helps you to reduce your weight.

Technique No. 3

If you are suffering from a blood pressure problem then Psyllium is an exceptional blessing for you. To avoid this disease the only thing you have to do it is to use 12 gram of Psyllium every day. Its regular use will control your blood pressure and rescue you from a lot of heart problems by eliminating fats (چکنائی) from your arteries. Along with protecting you from a lot of heart problems it will also maintain your cholesterol level too.

Technique No. 4

If you are suffering from tooth pain then use this technique. This technique requires two ingredients, one ingredient is vinegar and the second one is Psyllium. First of all, take vinegar and put Psyllium in it. After a while, apply this to your teeth. This technique is also very useful for those who are suffering from piles.

Some other amazing benefits of Psyllium are the following:

Benefits No.1

Diarrhea is a dangerous disease and Psyllium is the right tool to fight against this disease. This disease can decrease the water level of your body but Psyllium can rescue you from this problem too. Along with fighting against diarrhea, it maintains sugar and insulin levels in your blood that protects you from the disease of diabetes.

Benefit No. 2

This natural product is extremely beneficial for those girls who are suffering from hormonal irregularities. Psyllium can increase the production of estrogen in the body and control hormonal irregularities in a very effective way.

As I described above every good thing has some disadvantages, in the same way, Psyllium also has some disadvantages. So to rescue you from its disadvantages I will describe to you a few precautions that will give you only the benefits of this natural product. The first precaution is the following:

Precaution No. 1

If you are a patient of diabetes or suffering from any kidney problem or your treatment of anything is in the process then use it with the approval of your doctor. After using Psyllium, don’t take any medicine for an hour or two.

Precaution No. 2

If you take Psyllium Husk with 8 ounces (12th part of a pound) water then ensure that thing you must drink 8 glasses of water in a day. If you didn’t do that thing, then you may suffer from some dangerous conditions.

Precaution No. 3

This precaution is for those people who are suffering from the pain of the intestine, if you are one of them then please don’t use Psyllium. If your Alimentary canal (نالی کی معدے) is not working well or you couldn’t gulp well then don’t use Psyllium. Psyllium is also very dangerous for those who are suffering from the problem of loose motion.

Note: If you are using some medicines on regular basis then never use Psyllium with them. If you want to use Psyllium with your regular medicine then please use it with the approval of your doctor.

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