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How to Make Buttermilk of Different types and Describe Their Benefits


Today I will tell you about an amazing beverage. This beverage is not only used for drinking but also has countless benefits on our skin and hairs. It is also used for making many home remedies. In simpler words, it is a complete package that facilitates us to makes our health good. Name of this beverage is “Buttermilk” or “Lassi”. There are three well-known types of buttermilk which we will discuss further. Some people claims that there are more than 50 types of buttermilk exist in our society. In this discussion, I will tell you about the three common types of buttermilk and their benefits on skin, hair, and health. I will also tell you how you can make all of these at your home easily.

Remember that, this is not an ordinary beverage I am talking about. It has so many benefits that no one has time to write all of them. This beverage provides us beauty along protecting us from many diseases. The three common types of buttermilks are the following:

Types of Buttermilk

  • Buttermilk made of milk (Kachi Lassi)
  • Buttermilk made of yogurt (Methi Lassi)
  • Original Buttermilk (Chhach or Khatti Lassi) 

Buttermilk made of milk (Kachi Lassi)

This buttermilk is made-up of cow’s milk and its taste is bit brackish or salty. Along removing thirst this beverage will resolve many stomach problems because its efficacy is a bit cool. It is widely used in summers after eating mangoes. Because mangoes efficacy is hotter, that may become the reason of appearing acne, pimples, and abscesses on the face. In some simpler words, sweet mangoes invite some disease but buttermilk behaves like a guard that didn’t allow that diseases to attack your body.

 For making this buttermilk we use the following ingredients:


1 Glass – Milk

2 Glass – Water

Salt (According to your taste)

Ingredients of Kachi Lassi

First of all, take a jug and add milk in it, after adding milk adds two times more water in the same jug. After mixing water and milk add salt in this jug that must be according to your taste and at the end add ice in it. Mix all the ingredients and your buttermilk is ready to drink.

Buttermilk made of Yogurt (Methi Lassi)

This buttermilk will leads you towards your bed or sleep. It will lead you towards sleep because of its cool efficacy and its sweetness. This sort of buttermilk will also become the reason for lower down your blood pressure. So I suggest that if you are a patient of blood pressure then avoid this beverage. This buttermilk is made-up of yogurt and usually found on breakfast stalls in the morning.

This buttermilk contains the following ingredients:





Ingredients of Methi Lassi

First of all, take a jug and then take the hero ingredient means yogurt and add water in it. After that add sugar and ice in this jug and mix them with the help of a blender. In the end, your sweet buttermilk is ready to lead you towards sleep and comfort.

Original Buttermilk (Chhach / Khatti Lassi)

This buttermilk is a bit different from the above ones and has more benefits as compared to other types of buttermilks. In my opinion, it’s an awesome drink. This beverage is so much beneficial that along giving taste its use on hairs will protect us from dandruff. If you wash your face with this beverage it will surely remove brown sesame (til) from your face and also helps you to avoid pigmentation.

This buttermilk is made-up from the following ingredients:


Milk Cream/ Éclair

1tbs – Yogurt

Chilled Water

Ingredients of Khatti Lassi

First of all, take raw milk and boil it. After boiling this milk you find that a layer of cream of milk is appeared on top, take this cream (malai) and put this in a bowl. The next ingredient is yogurt so add it in this bowl and cover this bowl and left this. The bowl remains there for a whole night (the mixture must be remaining there for at least 7 to 8 hour). This process is usually known as “Jaag Lagana”. At morning put this Jaag into a blender and add child water in this. After blending this mixture you will discover a layer of pure butter. This butter will be used in making battercake (paratha) and you can eat it with bread too. You can make native/desi ghee with this butter too. Beneath this butter, you found a liquid this liquid is our end product.

 This end product is buttermilk or Chhach or Kachi Lassi. Believe me, this is the most amazing beverage in this world. It has good taste along with countless benefits so drink it and says Thanks to Allah.

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