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Home Remedies for Bad Breath that also cure Pyria effectively and readily


The remedy we will discuss today will help you to remain in the company of your loved ones. This remedy also helps you to avoid abashment in any sort of gathering. Do you know that some diseases damage health but some diseases ruin one’s personality? One of the diseases which ruin one’s personality is mouth odor. During this disease, many people avoid talking with the patient and it is an embarrassing situation for anyone. Today we will discuss a number of remedies that helps you to get rid of this sort of problem. But before discussing the remedies we must look at the reasons due to which mouthy odor takes place. The major reasons are the following:

  1. Not cleaning teeth after taking the meal
  2. Drink less water, this bad habit may also invite many bladder and kidney diseases too
  3. Stomach worm and any other abdomen disease
  4. Constipation
  5. Overeating
  6. Oral infections(Infections in which swelling is appeared on gums or floating blood or pus from teeth)
  7. Smoking

So try your best to avoid the above-mentioned problems to save yourself from this fatal disease. Today I will tell you three simple remedies that help you to avoid this disease.

Remedy Number 1

In this remedy following ingredients are used:

1tbs – Lemon Juice

2tbs – Rose Water

Lemon Juice

Rose Water






First of all, take both ingredients as mentioned; mix them and guggle (کریں غرارے) with this mixture two times in a day. Keep in mind that thing pure rose water gives you better results readily and effectively.

Remedy Number 2

This remedy is also very easy to make and it will also surely provides you fresh breath. This remedy is in powdered/Safoof/pounced form so you can carry it to your school, college or any workplace too. This pounce contains the following ingredients:

½ tbs – Dry Coriander Powder

1tbs – Fennel Seed Powder

3 to 4 Green Cardamom Powder

Dry Coriander Powder

Fennel Seed Powder






Green Cardamon Powder

After taking all ingredients, grind them and keep it in a small jar or any sort of small packet. You can only chew this pounce or if you want, you can eat it as well. After eating this powder you will feel fresh throughout the complete day and you’ll find your breath too.

Remedy Number 3

This is the last but most powerful remedy; it will help you to fight against “PYRIA”. In PYRIA swelling is occurred in teeth gums due to pus and blood is also floated down from one’s teeth that may reason for bad breath. I suggest you eat oranges in large quantity if you suffer from this problem. Another way to get rid of PYRIA is a remedy that consists of the following ingredients:

1tbs – Dry Orange Peels Powder

½ tbs – Turmeric Powder

½ tbs – Salt

Few Drops of Kalonji Oil

Orange Dry Peels

Tumeric Powder


Kalonji Oil

First of all, take dry orange peels and grind it, after that add turmeric powder and salt in it. After mixing them take half spoon of this powder, put it on your hand and add a few drops of Kalonji oil in it. Mix all the ingredients and then apply this mixture on your teeth with your finger. Remain this mixture on your teeth for at least two minutes and then wash your teeth and then clean your teeth with figure or brush. You will find good results of this mixture within very few days. It will fix your major teeth problems like swelling gums within a very short span of time and make your teeth stronger and eliminate bad breath too.

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