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Hepatitis Symptoms, Causes, and it’s Home Treatment


Today, I will tell you some secrets about a terrible disease. This disease is so horrible that mostly death wins when this disease and a human being competed with each other. This disease has a very furious record related to the patients’ deaths. Our body has the main 5 organs; these organs have so much significance that if anyone them stops working then sudden death might occur. The image is shown below the 5 main organs of our body:

Main Organs

This disease attacks one of them and has the ability to restrict that organ to continue its work. Soon the same result will appear, most of the time the result is an inanimate body means death. The name of this disease is “Jaundice”. Another and well-renowned name of this disease is “Hepatitis (A)/ (B)/(C)/ (D) or (E)”. One of the names of this disease is, “Peelia” because this disease will turn skin color from brownish skin to yellowish pale. This disease attacks the liver which is one of our main organs.

In this discussion, I will try my best to give you complete awareness about this disease. This discussion covers the question like “What is Jaundice?”, “Reasons behind the occurrence of this disease”.  Along with those questions, I will also tell you the symptoms of this disease. I will suggest you some useful remedies that will definitely rescue you from this fatal disease. Not only that, this discussion will cover an extremely important topic. This topic will describe to you how this disease is transferred from one person to another. So, let’s start our discussion with this question:

What is Jaundice/Hepatitis?

“The process in which swelling appears on the liver, the name of this process is Hepatitis or Jaundice”.

Liver Duct

In our body, there is a duct located beneath the right side of the ribs and upside of the belly. This duct is so significant that it performs more than 500 tasks of our body within a day. One of the major works of this duct is storing sugar and iron. Along storing sugar and iron this duct acts as a filter for our blood too. This duct has the ability to control our body cholesterol as well. It also helps us to discharge toxins from our body through intestines.

Note: Modern percuss treat this disease effectively and give good results. This treatment is so much effective that not a single diablerie or remedy available in the world that matches its significance. Therefore I always prefer modern percuss if a person suffering from this disease. After a specific period, this disease does not remain curable so be careful about your health.

Symptoms of Jaundice/Hepatitis:

Some significant jaundice/Hepatitis symptoms are the following:

  • All of the whiter parts of our body (eyes, skin, etc.) turns to yellowish color
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Itching
  • Weight loss
  • Fever
  • Dark Colored Urine

The appearance of these symptoms is a red alert that tells oneself, be sincere with your health! This disease has horrible impacts, so please contact your doctor soon or use the remedies described below. But before describing the remedies I want to give some important information. This information gives you awareness about how this disease is transferred from one person to another.

How does this disease transfer from one person to another?

There are following reasons due to which this disease transfer from one person to another:

  • If the blood of a person, who is affected by jaundice donates his/her blood to another person will become the host of this disease
  • This disease is also transferred through needle and injections having microscopic samples of one’s blood
  • Making tattoos is also a reason
  • Using affected person’s toothbrush, razor, piercing tool is a major reason for transferring this disease
  • One of the major ways of transferring this disease is having sexual intercourse during the days of this course(When women suffer from periods)
  • This disease transfer from mother to kids too by birth

Note: Only the above mention ways Jaundice transfers from one person to another. Some people think that eating in that vessel which is used by an affected person becomes a reason for transferring this disease, is a misconception. Another misconception is that, this disease transfer through cough and cold which is also wrong. This disease is not transferred to your loved ones even after kissing them. Only the above-mentioned means are the reason for transferring this disease.

Beneficial Food

Beneficial Food

These remedies will surely help you to get rid of this disease but slowly. Before telling you about remedies I want to give you some useful suggestions. If you are suffering from jaundice/hepatitis then eat a red pomegranate, it fights well against this disease. Please avoid all sorts of sweets in this disease, because these sweets increase the power of hepatitis which makes your body Jaundice, sugar cane juice and radish is very effective so use them in large quantity to avoid this disease. Radish leaves and its juice prove itself a very helpful tool to eliminate hepatitis from one’s body. Cucumber is also very helpful in jaundice. Lemon plays a major role in fighting hepatitis so use this as much in your diet as possible.


The following remedies help us to eliminate jaundice/hepatitis:

  1. First of all, take yellowish carrot’s juice and add powdered rock candy in this juice. This drink has the ability to remove your jaundice problem within days.
  2. For this remedy only two ingredients are required, one is water and the second one is tamarind. Take 0.5kg water and 12.5g tamarind. Place tamarind in water for a complete night, at morning withdraws tamarind and crushes this in water. Crush it in that way it mixes with water and become liquid. At the end add brown sugar in it according to your taste and a magical medicine is ready to cure your disease. Drink this liquid for at least two weeks and you will find desired results.


  3. This remedy requires barely, which is a very useful weapon against jaundice/hepatitis. First of all, take a pan and pour 1-liter water and add ½ liter water of barely. Put this pan on the burner and turn this on. After that boil this water and when water is boiled up turn off your burner. When this water cools down add sugar in it which should be according to your taste. Its use will return you, your good health soon.


  4. This is the last but not the least remedy. In this remedy we use spinach, take 2 tablespoons spinach and add one tablespoon sugar. Mix both of them and drink this impactful medicine and it will give you effective results soon. Remember that thing you have to take this drink with empty tummy in the morning.

Spinach Juice

You can use any one among these remedies and it will surely help you to give you desired results. But remember that do not use these remedies without the suggestion of your doctor.

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