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Hair Straitening at Home Naturally That Enhance the Length and Beauty of Hairs


Today I will tell you about a remedy that will help you to get rid of problems related to hair. Hair is a very important part of the personality. Maintained and properly managed hairs are attractive. Hairstyle effectively influences the look. It plays an important role in looking beautiful and more charming. Nowadays, hair problems are increasing speedily. Generally, females spend a lot of their energy, time and money to maintain hair. Problems like frizzy and dry hair are common. Split ends and dandruff have also become a headache. Mostly, females also face length issues. We spend a lot of money in parlors to get straight and shiny hair. At a young age, hair becomes white and too much dry because of repetitive use of straightening, ironing, and heating. Heating removes all moisture from hair and they become white and frizzy before time.

If you are the victim of problems discussed, don’t worry. The remedy which I am going to describe will give you relief from all such problems. It will make your hair shiny, straighter and manageable. We know that hair is composed of protein/keratin. Top rich fruits are used in this remedy to make your hair exactly, what like you dream, desire and struggle.

 Apricot and banana are rich in proteins. We will use these fruits to repair our hair.






Vitamin E capsule/Olive oil



Apricot is the top rich protein fruit. It contains 1.4g of protein per 100g of its weight.



Banana is also one of the top rich protein fruit. It contains 1.1g of protein per 100g of its weight.



Yogurt will provide consistency. It hydrates the dry hair and it is also enriched with proteins. Any remedy or hair mask looks incomplete unless yogurt is part of it. Yogurt is helpful in repairing damaged hair and split ends. In this remedy, it will provide stability and equal penetration to the other ingredients used in it. When the yogurt dries it becomes stiff, and this stiffness will help in straightening of your hairs.



Honey will deeply nourish scalp and hair. It strengthens hair and helps in reducing hair fall. Just like, when we water the roots of the plant, it grows. Honey will enhance hair growth speed by nourishing roots of the hair.

Vitamin E/Olive oil:

Olive Oil

If your hairs are very dry, damaged and unmanageable and nothing works on them. Vitamin E capsule or Olive oil will be very effective and helpful in repairing them.

Note: In this remedy, i am using olive oil but you can use Vitamin E capsule instead of olive oil.



  • Take 6 or 7 apricots and separate its stone. Put the separated apricot in the grinder.
  • Take a banana and peel off. Use full banana if the length of your hair is long otherwise used half banana. Put banana also in the grinder.
  • Grind both the apricot and banana properly until a smooth pulp is achieved.
  • Don’t apply this pulp directly. Extract a thick liquid juice using a thin piece of cloth.
  • Add 2 or 3 spoons of yogurt in it.
  • Add 1 full spoon of honey in it.
  • If your hairs are highly damaged. Add either 2 capsules of vitamin E or olive oil. Whichever is easily available.
  • Apply this pack from root to hair ends.
  • Leave it for more or less 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

You will see effective results only after the 1-time application. Use this remedy procedure twice a week. Your hair will become shiny, straight and manageable.


This amazing and simple remedy has many benefits. Some of them which are:

  • It repairs split ends
  • This mixture improves damaged hair
  • It will help to increase the length of hair
  • It removes dryness and dandruff
  • This will moisturize your hair and reduce frizzy hair
  • It restores strength to hair

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