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Glowing Face Pack for Normal Skin: Home Remedy & Skincare Routine

Get GLOWING, FAIR & HEALTHY Skin, Home Remedy & Skincare Routine for (Normal Skin) & Tips Urdu Hindi

Today, I’m going to make an amazing glowing face pack with remedies especially for normal skin. It will not only make your skin more healthy but also gives glowing & fairness to your skin instantly. Normal skin is neither oily nor dry or flaky. Generally, it shows soft and smooth. It is different & easy for all other skin types. But, if you don’t care for this skin type, it tends sensitive. it has the radiant complexion and so small or fewer pores. If you have this kind of skin, then you have to take care of it. You can try this mask I’m 100% sure it will work for you.

Top of this post, you can watch the video for an amazing result of this mask after applying. Moreover, I’ll also share some useful tips for normal skin. Ingredients of this glowing face pack are also very simple.


  • 1tbs – Sandalwood powder
  • 1tbs – Dry orange peel powder
  • 1 pinch – Turmeric
  • 5 to 6 tbs – Coconut Milk

Sandalwood powder

Helps to enhance the brightness of the skin. It a good anti-bacterial for the skin, fights against acne. It works as an exfoliator and protects from sunburn, also removes previously sun tanning.


Turmeric powder is used in beauty products for thousands of years. It treats naturally to all skin issues. And is a powerful skin lightening agent. It fades the marks which appear after acne. It’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory prevents the allergic reactions. Especially, more useful in skin infections.

Orange Peel

This is a rich source of Vitamin C and has antioxidants. Removes dead skin cells and dirt, tighten the pores. Improves skin texture and restores collagen in the body.

Coconut milk

Sachets can be available in the market of coconut milk. But you can prepare at home. This is a very amazing ingredient for glowing and fairness. Has a high level of Vitamin C. Improves skin elasticity and maintains flexibility.


  • Add above-mentioned ingredients with quantity in a bowl, mix well. It’s ready to use on skin.


  • Firstly, clean your skin and scrub. It’s optional, you can clean it with simple lukewarm water.
  • Apply smoothly on the skin and leave it for 20 minutes or let it dry.
  • When it dries, rub smoothly with a circular motion and after upwards.
  • Wash out with simple water and check results.

Get GLOWING, FAIR & HEALTHY Skin, Remedy & Skincare Routine for (Normal Skin) & Tips Urdu Hindi

For better results of this glowing face pack, you have to use it twice or thrice in a week. You can store this face mask in the refrigerator for only 48 hours for reuse.


  1. Always use lukewarm water for cleaning of normal skin.
  2. Use sunscreen daily
  3. Use oil-free moisturizer
  4. Avoid heavy make-up along with use mineral based makeup
  5. Remove make-up timely from the skin, don’t keep it for a long time.

The use of this mask makes your normal skin more glowing, radiant and smooth. The great advantage of this mask is, make your skin healthy if you use it regularly. No doubt, natural remedies are better than chemical based creams and have resulted if you use it properly. All ingredients of this glowing face pack are natural. If you like this face pack, please leave your feedback in comments below. And don’t forget to share with friends and other family members. Thank you…

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