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The remedy we will discuss today will help you to increase the charm and attraction of your personality. There are several factors that make your personality impactful. Today I will tell you, how you can beautify one of the visible representatives of personality. The factor which I am talking about is our hands which play a major role in making one’s personality more attractive. This remedy is especially for those girls and women who veils. Hands are those parts of our body that remains inthe sunshine for a very long time. Sunshine has the ability to fade the fairness, which is the standard of beauty, according to the current trend. The remedies we will discuss today not only increase the beauty of hands but it is also impactful for arms, feet and neck. Another specialty of this remedy is that it is impactful for both men and women.

fairer hand remedy

Before telling you about the remedy I want to tell you that some people use sunblock/sunscreen to avoid the disadvantages of sunshine. This sunscreen makes a layer of protection that protects us from sunshine but due to heat, our body releases natural oils. These natural oils make a darker layer on the skin which remains there even when the sunblock is been removed. This darker layer ruins the beauty of the hands. But the remedies we will discuss today protect you from sunshine without giving you a single side effect. We divide this remedy into two parts, one part helps to make hands softer and the other one eliminates the darker layer on the skin. So, let’s start our discussion on first parts ingredients which are the following:


1tbs – Yellow Sugar (Shakkar/ شکر)

1 – Lemon Juice

Yellow Sugar (شکر)

Thin particles of yellow sugar work as a brilliant scrubber. It contains amazing antioxidants that make the skin more beautiful.  Yellow sugar also has marvelous benefits on free radicals in the early age. In simpler words, it removes signs of aging in an effective way.

yellow sugar for hand whitening

Making and Use

To make this remedy we require a small bowl that contains one tablespoon of yellow sugar. Add one lemon juice in this bowl and mix them. After mixing them, apply it on your hands like you apply soap to wash your hands. Consistently rub your hands until all particles of yellow sugar dissolves. You have to repeat this task three days consistently and after three days you will get soft hands like cotton.

After that, we will move towards the second part of this remedy in which we will remove tan from the skin. For this remedy we use the following ingredients:


1tbs – Yogurt

1tbs – Honey

1 to 2 pugil of Turmeric Powder

1tbs – Gram Flour

1tbs – Rice Flour

Note: if your hands are too much dry then you can use cream of milk instead of yogurt.


For this remedy, we need a bowl that contains one tablespoon yogurt. Add honey in this bowl which is used to deeply moisturize skin. After honey adds gram flour and rice flour in this mixture. In the end, add turmeric powder in this bowl and mix them all. After mixing them you will get a paste that gives amazing fairness to your hands.


  • Apply this paste on your hands like you apply soap when washing your hands
  • Remain it there for at least 10 minutes
  • After ten minutes wash your hands

hand whitening tips

After washing your hands you will get fair, soft and radiant hands.  This remedy is the best formulation to remove the darkness of hands. I called this paste best formulation because all necessary things like basic toner, cleanser, and scrubbing are added in it. You can apply this pack on your neck, feet, and arms. You can use this mixture on your face too, but before applying on the face take a patch test. Use this remedy without any hesitation regardless of your skin type. Because, this remedy as you read, made-up using natural ingredients which always gives benefits to us. This remedy provides you the desired results within a few days in an effective way, so use it, and offer prayer and say Thanks to Allah.

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