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Facial Treatment at Home Using Potatoes that gives a Brighter, Lighter and Fresh Skin Within Few Days


Today I am going to tell you about something very special that will solve your common problems related to skin, such as black spots, pigmentation, tan, blemishes, etc. It will also provide you better facial color, skin lightening, and extra glow. It is like all in one, problem solver and beauty polisher. Everybody loves to look beautiful. The trends are also changed now. When we meet someone new, a first impression is about the looks. Nowadays, people with more charming looks have better job opportunities. According to the New York Times, companies who hire attractive people had on average higher revenues than similar companies which do not. Shortly, beauty is connected with financial success as well. Mostly, females are the ones who spend a lot of their money on expensive facials.

The facial about which I am going to describe you is easily affordable. This remedy will eliminate general skin issues and at the same time increasing your beauty. It is easy to apply and gives better results within no time. The main ingredient of this instant skin lightening facial is the potato. Potato is a very cheap vegetable. Everyone can afford it. We will use this potato in different ways to get the maximum benefits. Nature has hidden so many benefits in this vegetable. It has the capability to prevent our skin from black spots, pigmentation, tan and blemishes and lightens the skin. We can apply this facial before an event to get instant whitening.

As you guessed that thing our today’s hero is the potato. But we didn’t use potato in an ordinary way, so let’s start our discussion with that question how we can use potatoes.

How to Prepare:

Actually, we use potatoes juice and we get this juice in the following way:

  1. Take two potatoes and wash them until all the dust is removed.
  2. Grate both the potatoes without peeling them. Some people peel off the potatoes but you don’t have to peel them.
  3. Now, with the help of any thin piece of cloth extract its juice.

Potato Juice Extraction

We use these potatoes juice in many ways to increase one’s beauty. But we use it like a good facial means we use it step by step. We use the following step to increase one’s beauty means first we use these potatoes for cleansing then we perform scrubbing or exfoliating. After that, we perform face massage and at the end, we use this juice for making a face pack. We use this juice for cleansing in the following way:


Of course, the first step in any facial is cleansing. To make the cleanser of this potato facial, we need:

Two spoons of potato juice

In case of oily skin, add one spoon of either lemon juice or honey

In case of dry skin, add one spoon of raw milk

After mixing them, the cleanser is ready.


Apply it on the face for cleansing, using soft hands or you can also use cotton for it. These ingredients are anti-aging. This type of natural facial will not only assist better blood circulation but also very helpful in relieving stress. After cleansing we perform scrubbing in the following way:

Exfoliating or Scrubbing

After removing the dust, scrubbing is essential for skin softening and toning. To make the best scrub from potato juice, we require:

1tbs – Rice Flour

1 to 2tbs – Potato Juice

Exfoliating or Scrubbing

Note: You can use coffee instead of rice flour but keep in mind that thing rice flour is a natural scrubber. Means rice flour gives you better results as compared to coffee so always prefer rice flour over coffee.

Making and Use

To make this scrub the first thing we require is one tablespoon of rice flour. After that add potato juice in rice flour and mix them. After mixing them apply it on your face with soft hands. Apply it soon because when it is dried up it didn’t give you good results. This scrub is dried up in a very short time. It is the best organic scrub that gives you exceptional results. The next step after scrubbing is face massage, which is described below:

Face massage

Face massage is one of the most important parts of the facial. We will prepare a cream for this massage. To make it, follow the steps described below:

Add two spoon of potato juice

One spoon of either almond oil or vitamin E capsule

One spoon of Aloe Vera gel

Mix the ingredients properly. The facial cream is ready for application.

Face Massage

Apply it to your face and massage it thoroughly and properly. It will heal the cuts and rashes occurred from exfoliation during scrubbing. Aloe Vera gel exhibits antibacterial properties that remove redness. Almond oil soothes the angering skin. After massaging it, leave it for some time to get the maximum advantage.

After the massage we have to apply the face pack on the face which will made-up in the following way:

Glowing Face Pack

We are using potato facial to overcome the damages made by sunlight to the skin, to get rid of dark spots and blemishes, for skin tone lightening and to make the skin youthful glowing radiant. To attain these benefits, this last step is very necessary. To complete this potato facial, we need:

Two spoons of either Fuller’s earth or licorice

One spoon of yogurt

One spoon of potato juice

By mixing we get one of the best face glowing pack

Glowing Face Pack

Slowly apply this face pack to your face and leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Afterward, wash it from normal room temperature water. You will see immediate effects.

Apply this natural potato facial twice a week for better facial color, skin lightening, and toning. This facial is very impactful for skin and you can use it without any hesitation. Potato is a widely available cheap vegetable that has a lot of benefits like I have described above. Use this blessing of Allah and Say Thanks to Him.

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