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DIY Homemade ALOE VERA GEL Secure/Preserve Aloe Vera Leaf

Today I will tell you how you could preserve a very special and one of the most precious products of nature. This product of nature can provide us that magic which helps us to achieve a lot of opportunities and attention. The magic I am talking about is a fresh, glorious and beautiful face. This natural product has so many benefits that no one can describe all of them. One another specialty of this product is that it is used as an important ingredient in a large number of beauty products.

The natural product I am talking about is Aloe Vera. Keep remember that thing this is not only a leaf, but it’s a treasure for those who know its benefits. It’s an irony that if we access anything in a very easy way, then we don’t give as much respect to that thing as it deserves. Aloe Vera can fulfill all the requirements which are necessary to achieve a beautiful fresh face. Today I will tell you how you can preserve this extremely precious blessing of Allah.

I will tell you four easy but effective ways to store this extraordinary leaf. But before telling you its preservation techniques, I want to tell you that, use that leaf of Aloe Vera whose age is three years or more. Because a mature leaf gives you more benefits as compared to that leaf whose age is lesser. So let’s start our discussion about, how to safely store Aloe Vera leaf.

Note: Before using any technique properly wash the leaf, Aloe Vera.

The first technique is the following:

Technique Number 1

This technique is the easiest one, but before telling you how to store Aloe Vera, I want to tell you that from which place we have to secure it, from damage. When one uses this leaf, only half or quarter of this leaf, used. The remaining leaf is been damaged and that part couldn’t be used again in the future.

Transformation of Aloe Vera Leaf

In the first technique, I will tell you how you can store a leaf whose half part is been used. To store that kind of leaf, we use polythene. The only thing we have to do it is to place polythene at the cut-side part of Aloe Vera leaf and place it in the fridge.

Aloe Vera with Polythene

This leaf is safe now, but this technique only secures this leaf for 7 to 10 days. If you want to store this leaf for more than 10 days then the below remedy is for you.

Technique Number 2

This technique demands an air-tight jar, a knife, and a lemon. First of all peel the leaf means to cut the leaf’s length and divide this leaf into two parts.

Cut Length Of Aloe Vera

After that separate the pulp of Aloe Vera from leaf cover using a knife. In simpler words slice down the gel/pulp of Aloe Vera and put this gel in an air-tight jar. In the end, add few drops of lemon in this jar and place its cap on its place and put this jar in the fridge. This jar can protect the main component of Aloe Vera for 10 to 20 days.

If you didn’t have an air-tight jar or you didn’t want to use jar then follow the remedy described below.

Technique Number 3

In this technique, we use that vessel which you use to get ice-cubes. The first part of this technique is, separating the Aloe Vera pulp and its green cover. After separating them, place the pulp into an ice-cube vessel and put this vessel in the freezer.

Aloe Vera in Ice Cube Vessel

When this pulp turns to ice then you can use it without any hesitation. But the drawback of this technique is that, after a week or ten days, these ice-cubes not give us so many favorable impacts as it can give us before a week.

If you want to know a technique in which all goodness of this leaf remains there and you can store it for more than ten days then the below remedy is especially for you. The very next technique is the best and professional way to store the pulp of Aloe Vera.

Technique Number 4

This technique requires two things which are described below:

Cloth of Muslin (ململ کا کپڑا)

1tbs – Cornflour

Note: you can use gelatin powder instead of cornflour. Remember that thing both of them is very impactful on hairs, body and for your skin.

To use this technique separate the Aloe Vera pulp and its cover. Pour this pulp in the cloth of muslin and squeeze this cloth, when you found that thing no more liquid remains there then add a little amount of water in it.

Squeeze the cloth of muslin

After adding water again squeeze the cloth. After that put this liquid in a pan and place it on the stove and turn it ON. When the temperature of this liquid rises and a little amount of this liquid turns into steam then add cornflour in it. When you are adding cornflour in this liquid, then you have to remember that thing your spoon must not be static. In simple words, you couldn’t stop shaking spoon in the pan until the consistency of this liquid increased. When the consistency of the liquid increased then turns OFF the stove and put this liquid into a small jar.

Store in Jar

Note: If you want to add food color in this liquid then you can use green color for it.

Now, we can store this gel for 15 to 20 days. The only thing we have to do it is to place this gel in the fridge and use this gel whenever you want to use it. This gel gives you awesome results within 20 days but after 20 days this gel is not very impactful for you, so please consume it within 20 days and get its complete benefits.

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