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Diabetes Symptoms, Preventions, and Natural Treatment with Remedies


Today I will tell you about a disease which is called a silent killer. This disease has ability to ruin one’s personality as termite ruins wood. This disease makes your body like hollow wood which is a painful thing. Furthermore, this disease can make your whole life tasteless. Just imagine one thing, you have everything to eat but fear always stops you to eat them. These thoughts sometimes are enough to shake oneself. The name of this disease is “Diabetes” and it is also named as “Sugar” in the sub-continental region. This disease has three major types, among them two are incurable.

Today, I will tell you “What is Diabetes and what are its types?” Along describing the disease I will give you awareness about the good and bad food in this disease. I will also tell you the symptoms of this disease and determine some remedies. As I said before, this disease has three types and two are incurable, I will tell you how you can control the incurable types. After reading this article you can compete with this disease in a better way. So let’s start or discussion with this question:

Types of Diabetes:

There are three major types of diabetes and their names are “Type 1”,” Type 2” and, “Type 3”. Type 1 and type 2 are incurable but type 3 is curable. The third type means Type 3 occurs during pregnancy and it is curable. If this type of diabetes not cured soon, then it will convert from type 3 to type 2. In our surroundings, a large number of people are affected by Type 1. Therefore I will give you a brief description of type 1. The first question in this description must be:

What is Diabetes?

“Diabetes is a disease which is related to pancreases. In this disease pancreases stop its working; its work is to generate insulin”


Insulin is a Harmon that controls the quantity of glucose in human blood. Its deficiency becomes a reason for increasing sugar in human blood. To decrease sugar level people starts eating pills that generate insulin forcefully by the pancreas. These pills become part of a regular diet, this sort of diet remain to continue till death of a person. Some people inject insulin in his/her body using syringes. Today I will tell how you can achieve a normal sugar level using natural things like vegetables and fruits. Along describing diet I will also tell you a remedy which helps us to fight against this disease effectively. But before describing the diet and remedy we have to look at symptoms of diabetes which are the following:


The major symptoms are:

  • Thirst is increased to its normal level
  • Weight loss
  • Weakens and hunger is increased
  • Change in temperament or peevish attitude
  • Weakness of eyesight
  • Healing process becomes slower(diabetes harm our immune system, therefore, wounds are not cured in a normal way)
  • Tingling in feet
  • Bladder problems

If anyone discovers that he/she suffers from all of these symptoms then, unfortunately, he/she suffering from this fatal disease. But don’t worry it is a controllable disease the only thing required is your attention towards your diet. A good diet helps you to avoid the pain received from this disease. In this disease, you can eat some very beneficial food and you have to avoid some food because they become a reason for appearing a painful part of this disease. The diet is described below:

Beneficial Food/Diet

Beneficial Food

First of all, if you are suffering from diabetes then please avoid sugar. If you don’t eat and drink specific things without sugar then you can add sugar-free pills in these things. Chickpea flour is a very effective thing against this disease so you may eat its fritters and bread without any hesitation. White gram is also very useful in diabetes so you can eat its bread which has good taste too. Lemon and garlic help us to make sugar level under control, so use them in your diet abundantly. Peach, jambolan, cabbage, cauliflower, beans, sour plum, and tamarind water are extremely beneficial for diabetes. Panis/bread that is made of chickpea flour and celery, it will also prove itself a good weapon against this disease.  

Beneficial Foods

One of the major weapons against diabetes is cartilaginous/bitter ground. It contains vitamin B, C, and E which is very impactful against this disease. If you want to get rid of all problems related to this disease then give thirty minutes of your routine to walk in the morning and evening. Please avoid rice because it will increase the pain received from diabetes. If you want to control this disease eat less and drink more. Means always left the dining table before your tummy is filled and try to drink at least 20 glass of water in a day.

Remedy Number 1

This remedy will help you to control the sugar level. In this remedy we will use the following ingredients:

Powder of Dry Amla

Jambolan Seed Powder

Powder of Dry Cartilaginous

Remedy Number 1

Take all ingredients in the same quantity and mix them well. After mixing them store this powder in a jar. Take half tablespoon of this powder with water in morning and evening. This powder soon shows its effective results and you found that thing your sugar level is under control.

Remedy Number 2

This remedy is also very effective for those people whose sugar level is not under control. For this remedy we use these ingredients:

1tbs – Amla Juice

1tbs – Juice of Green Cartilaginous

Mix both of them and take this juice with an empty tummy. Use this remedy a few weeks; it will control your sugar level. Amla and cartilaginous has tremendous ability to cure pancreases. Abundant use of these two ingredients will help pancreases to start its work in a better way.  

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