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Dandruff Causes and Permanent Treatment of its Extreme Form


The remedy we will discuss today is an extremely dangerous weapon against extreme dandruff. Today’s remedy is capable of removing the harshest form of dandruff effectively. But before discussing that remedy we must have the knowledge, how dandruff appears on our head? The straight forward and simple answer to this question is the enmity between hot water and head pores. When anyone washes his/her head with hot water then head pores start opening and natural oil of our head come out. This natural hair oil is known as sebum. Did you realize that the dandruff problem increases in winters? Because when this hair oil means sebum come out from pores it’ll start freezing due to low temperature, this freeze sebum is known as dandruff. The simpler way to avoid dandruff is to avoid hot water on hairs in the winter season.


This remedy is only for those who are suffering from that kind dandruff in which several dandruff layers appear on the head. For those whose dandruff problem is not very much complex gives more attention to the second remedy.

This remedy helps you to get rid of the harshest form of dandruff naturally. Many times dandruff may become a reason for itching and fungal infections which irritates anyone. This remedy will remove this dandruff problem within days so keep reading.  This remedy made of the following ingredients:


1 Beetroot

2 – 3 pugil Baking Soda

1 Lemon

Vinegar (Few Drops)




Boiling of Beetroot

In this remedy, we will use beetroot as the base, because it will protect hairs without effecting hair structure. Beetroot has a property that helps to absorb nutrients better. In this remedy, we will use some natural nutrients, therefore, beetroot is the hero of this remedy.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda puts very good effects on hairs and it contains many other benefits too, but in this remedy, we will use it as medicine. A large number of people may tell you that baking soda helps you to make your hair more shiny and silky. But I suggest you that use lesser quantity of baking soda on your head because its excessive use is a bit harsh for head and hairs too.



Lemon is tested for dandruff; it is a natural cleanser and contains many anti-fungal properties. Lemon can control oil production on the scalp which is the major reason for appearing dandruff on the head. Lemon helps you to fight against that kind of dandruff which is appeared in the form of layers. This form of dandruff is the harshest form of dandruff which may reason for ruining your head and hairs too.



Vinegar also contains many anti-fungal properties along with anti-bacterial properties. We will use this in a very small amount because it has bit harsh effects on hairs when using it excessively. Vinegar helps you to get rid of that itching and dryness which will appear after using baking soda.

Making of Mixture

First of all, take one beetroot, cut it down along its leaves, place it in a pan and then add two glass of water in it. After that turn your burner on and boil this water. When this beetroot water is boiled up then filter this because in this remedy we will use only the liquid form of beetroot. After filtration adds baking soda in this, remember that use only 2 to 3 pugil of baking soda is required in it. After that add one lemon juice in it and then add few drops of vinegar. You can use apple vinegar for this remedy too.

It’s a caution: These ingredients are bit harsh and this remedy is for extreme dandruff. If your dandruff is not on an extreme level then read remedy number 2.


  • Take this mixture with you when you are going towards taking bath, use this mixture when it cools down.
  • Wash your head and hairs with this mixture after shampoo
  • After applying this mixture dries your hairs without using any tool, I suggest you not to even use the towel to dry hairs.


  • After applying this mixture on your hairs don’t apply any other thing on your hair like shampoo or soap.
  • Use this mixture at least two times in a week
  • You can use this remedy for a maximum of two week

You can find your desired results in a very short time but remember that not use these ingredients in large quantity. For those who are not suffering from extreme dandruff will use the remedy described below:

Remedy Number 2

In this remedy we will use only two ingredients, one ingredient is yogurt and the second one is olive oil. First of all, take a half small bowl of yogurt and add two spoons of olive oil in it and mix them. After mixing them apply this on your head and hairs for an hour and then take bath. Wash this mixture with any shampoo and you will discover that dandruff is eliminated from your head in a large quantity.

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