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Cure Piles/Hemorrhoids at Home Fast Easy Tips

Today I will tell you some simple remedies that will resolve some major hair problems. These problems have the ability to ruin the charm of one’s personality. The problems I am talking about, more affect women as compared to men. One of the problems that will resolve today is hair fall that leads towards baldness. Baldness is a very horrible dream for ladies, but the majority of men think that it is not a very big problem. One common problem of hairs is dandruff which affects both men and women. Dandruff produces itching that urges to rub hairs which will give a very bad impact on one’s personality in a sensible company. Another problem we will resolve today is the growth of hairs. Long hairs increase the beauty of women and sometimes increase the charm of men too.

As you guessed that thing, today we will talk about hair fall that will lead towards baldness. We will also talk about the dandruff and growth of hairs. The remedies we will discuss today are nothing, but some supernatural oils. As all know nature only gives us benefits and has no side effects. So let’s start our discussion about these remedies with that question, which ingredients are used to make these specific oils. The first remedy will help us to stop hair fall and this remedy or oil will made-up using the following ingredients:

Ingredients (Hair Fall)

3 to 4 tbs – Mustard Oil

4 tbs – Castor Oil

3 to 4 tbs – Olive Oil

Making and Use

To make this remedy we require a small bowl. Add mustard oil and castor oil in this bowl. In the end, add olive oil in this mixture and mix them. After mixing them, store it in a bottle. Keep remembering that thing, applies this oil on hairs only using fingertips, because if you use nails then it will become a reason for appearing any kind of infection on hairs. Massage your hair with this oil and it will help you to circulate your blood that will cause to stop hair fall. You can use this oil on hair three times a week. This remedy will surely stop your hair fall within two to three months.

Note: yogurt can also stop hair fall. The only thing you have to do it is to apply this on hairs before an hour of taking bath and wash your hair with any mild shampoo. Use this remedy one time in a week and you will get its amazing results within two months.

If you lose your too much hair and find some patches of the clear head that contain no hair then the below remedy will rescue you. This remedy consists of the following ingredients:

Ingredients (Baldness)

1 – Banana

2 to 3 tbs – Vinegar

 2 to 3 tbs – Lemon Juice

Making and Use

This remedy requires a blender that contains a banana. Add vinegar and lemon juice in this blander and start the blender. When this mixture takes the shape of a thick paste then apply it on those parts of your head where hairs are very less. Take a massage of this paste and remain it there for a short time and then wash your hair with normal water. You have to use this remedy for three to four months. You will realize that your hair starts growing from that part of your head where all hairs vanished, in the past. I am sure this oil will surprise you by giving some amazing benefits and you will get desired results in a natural way.

Baldness occurs due to many reasons; one of the reasons is dandruff. So if you want to avoid baldness you have to avoid dandruff. If your hair contains dandruff then don’t worry, use the following remedy:

Ingredients (Dandruff)

Coconut Oil

Henna Oil

Making and Use

This remedy made up using two amazing oils which are coconut oil and henna oil. Take both of them in a similar quantity and put them in a bowl and place it on the burner or in Owen. After a while when this mixture is slightly heated up turn off the burner and apply this on your hair. The massage of this mixture will definitely remove all of your dandruff in two to three weeks.

If your hairs are not affected by any problem but due to no specific reason your hair growth is stuck then believe me you are in the right place. The remedy given below will surely increase the length of your hair that must increase the beauty of your personality too. This remedy consists of the below ingredients:

Ingredients (Hair Growth)

2 to 3 tbs – Nigella Seeds (کلونجی)

Olive oil

Making and Use

To make this remedy we require a pan and a stove. Put Nigella seeds in this pan and turn on the stove. Don’t turn off the stove until these seeds turn into ashes. When nigella seeds transfer into ashes transfer it into a bowl and add olive oil in it. Keep remembering that thing the quantity of olive oil must be that which turns this ash into a good paste. After making this paste applies it on your hairs. You can use it on regular bases, take massage of it and you will discover that thing length of your hair increases dramatically. The only thing you have to do it is to use this remedy for two to three months. This remedy will definitely increase the length of your hair and make them thick which makes your personality more attractive.

Note: you can use almonds to increase the length of hairs too. To increase the length of hairs using almonds you have to put a few almonds in the water and left that water for a whole night. In the morning drink this water. If you want to eat the almonds you can eat them as well. This almond water is very useful to increase the length of hairs and it will give you the desired results effectively.

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