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3 Homemade Collagen Booster Beauty Drinks for Skin Lightening & Fairness

Today I will tell you how you can get elegant, splendid, and beautiful skin by increasing collagen production. If you read collagen word very first time or you didn’t have any knowledge about this world, and want to know about it then you are in the right place. Collagen is the main component of skin that provides us hydrated skin, by increasing the elasticity of the skin. It can strengthen the skin and make it radiant and fair. In simpler words, we can say that if we want beautiful, attractive and healthy skin then we have to boost up our collagen production. This production never remains the same during our whole life, it decreases as the age of men or women increases.

There are many other reasons are there that affects the production of collagen. Today I will tell you how you can get maximum production of collagen so we get a healthy, fair and beautiful skin. I will also tell you that how you can boost up collagen production using natural ingredients that are widely available in houses. Today’s technique is a drink that increases the production of collagen in no time. So let’s start our discussion with that question, how we can make these drinks. The first strengthening and whitening drink is made up using the following ingredients:


2 Glass – Water

50 Gram – Spinach

1 pugil – salt

1tbs – Honey

Note: if you have some kind of problem with salt then you can skip it.

Making and Use

First of all, take a pan and pour two glass water in it. After that add spinach in this water and turn the burner on. Remain this burner ON until, one glass of water evaporated, which means only half water remains in the pan. After that turn off your burner and filter this water. After filtration waits for a while, and when this water cools down, add salt and honey in it. In the end mix all these ingredients and this water is in your service, to urge your collagen to increase its production. To increase the production of collagen the only thing you have to do it is that, drink this water with an empty stomach in the morning, regularly. This drink not only increase collagen production but also provide you a lot of benefits, some major benefits of this drink is as follows:


  • This drink makes you younger by removing aging signs from the skin
  • This drink has an exceptional ability to detoxify your inner body
  • It behaves like a filter for blood means, it simply purifies or cleans your blood
  • This drink is very effective against obesity and it helps you to decrease your weight within a few days

If you use this water for two to three months, it will give you a healthy fit body along attractive skin.

If you didn’t want to use this remedy due to its ingredients then use the following remedy. This remedy is also very effective and made up using the following ingredients:


1 Glass – light Hot Water

1tbs – Almond Oil

2tbs – Honey


Milk contains lactic acid which gives courage to skin cells to eliminate pigmentation and brighten up your skin. As all know milk has so many benefits that no one can describe all of them.

Almond Oil

Almond oil always proves itself an amazing shield against aging signs. It can hydrant your skin and it is full of vitamin E which lighten your skin and make it more beautiful.

Making and Use

To make this drink we firstly require a glass of light hot milk. Add almond oil and honey in this milk. Mix all the ingredients and the milk is ready to give you a lot of benefits. Drink this milk before going to sleep and you will get the amazing benefits this drink with the very first use. Some dominant benefits of this powerful drink are the following:


  • This milk helps you to increase the fairness of skin
  • It can remove the dryness of skin which is dramatically increases in winter seasons
  • Provides energy to our skin muscles that increase the skin elasticity
  • Boost up collagen production
  • This milk is very beneficial for those who claim that they couldn’t sleep well
  • It can remove the hardness of intestines

These are a few benefits of this amazing drink. I like this drink due to its extraordinary benefits.

I have another drink that can boost up collagen production. This drink can effectively purify one’s blood and it also has lots of benefits. This drink is very easy to make and most of the ingredients of this drink are readily available in houses. The main ingredients of this drink are described below:


1 Glass – Water

Dry Mint Leaves

1tbs – Fennel

1tbs – Raisin

Making and Use

This drink requires a glass of water that contains a few dry mint leaves. Add fennel and raisin in this water and cover this water and leave it for a whole night. In the morning filter this water, after that, this water is ready to protect you from lots of problems. This water gives you the following benefits if you use it for a whole month regularly:


  • This drink provides you a fair skin
  • This drink fight against several stomach problems
  • It will also remove dark circles beneath the under-eye area 
  • This drink can purify the blood
  • It will effectively remove all acne and scars from your face in no time

These are those benefits that are visible. It will also provide you some benefits which are not visible but they strengthen your body.

All of the drinks described above are homemade collagen booster in favor of yours and gives you strength and beauty. This thing is very rare to get both things from one source, remember that thing you will get better results from these drinks if you use it regularly.

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