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Bridal Full Body Whitening 100% Homemade Treatment

The remedy we will discuss today will help you to achieve a basic and a common need for everyone. The need I am talking about is to look beautiful. Everyone wants to give an impressive impact on his/her audience through his/her beauty. If a person doesn’t care about their audience, but this is a reality that every person looks himself/herself in front of a mirror and wishes to see the opposite image beautiful. Some people use a lot of shortcuts to achieve this desire, but all the shortcuts give them nothing instead of disappointment. One of the shortcuts mostly people adopt is using injections to get fairer skin. Nowadays, as all know fair skin is the standard of beauty.

The injection I am talking about, decrease the quantity of melanin and makes skin fairer. These injections control melanin for 6-7 months; in the simpler word, it will help you to make your skin fairer for 6 to 7 months. This is an effective way to increase the beauty, but the side effect of these injections is more than horrible. So, if you want to get fairer skin without any disadvantage then you are in the right place. Because today I will tell you how you can get a fairer skin naturally, in a very short time. The remedy I am going to tell you will help you to get a fairer body. This remedy is especially for those girls whose wedding is very near and they need something special. I call it special; because it will made-up using natural ingredients and gives desired results within a few days.

This remedy is further divided into two parts. The first part of this remedy consists of the following ingredients:

Ingredients (Scrubber)

2tbs – Rice Flour (Crushed Rice)

1tbs – Powder of Orange Peels

2tbs – Yogurt

Note: if your skin is oily then you can use rosewater instead of yogurt in this remedy. Those people who have combination skin get more benefits with milk as compared to yogurt so they can skip yogurt and add milk in it.

Making and Use

This remedy demands a small bowl with 2 tablespoons of rice flour. Add crushed orange peels in this bowl which is widely available on grocer’s shop. In the end, add yogurt in this bowl and mix them, after mixing them a brilliant scrubber is ready to give you the results which you want. When this scrub is ready, apply it on the darker part of your body. After a while, when this scrub dried up, remove it by rubbing them slowly. When this scrub is been removed you will get fairer and softer skin. You have to apply this scrub on your face or body for at least one time in the week.  You must apply this scrub on your dark elbows, knees and dark knuckles.

This scrub becomes the reason for appearing some rashes on skin or some inflammation on the skin; therefore the given pack is very necessary. This pack overcomes the little side effects of the scrub so you have to use it after using the scrub. The pack I am talking about will made-up using these ingredients:

Ingredients (Face Pack)

1tbs – Licorice Powder (ملیٹھی)

1tbs – Coconut Powder

½ tbs – Turmeric Powder

2tbs – Yogurt

Note: For those who have oily skin can skip yogurt and use rosewater and those who have a combination type of skin must prefer milk on yogurt.

Making and Use

For this remedy, the first thing we require is a bowl. Add one tablespoon of licorice powder and then add coconut powder in it. After that add turmeric powder and yogurt in this bowl and mix them. After mixing them, apply this pack on that parts of your body where you apply the scrub. When this pack dried up, then wash this pack with normal water. You have to use this pack two times a week.

This pack will lighten your dark patches and remove skin plasma. It also deeply cleans your skin and makes your skin plumper and makes your skin younger. This scrub and pack will definitely help you to achieve your basic need that is beauty. This pack also helps you to give an impressive impact to your audience which is very beneficial, most of the time.

This scrub and pack give you; your desired fair skin without any side effect because all things this remedy contains are natural. So use it and say Thanks to Allah Almighty.

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