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Benefits of Coconut Water, Coconut Milk, Coconut Meat and its Bark


Today I will tell you some secrets and benefits of an amazing and extraordinary blessing of Almighty Allah. This blessing has so many benefits that my words are not enough to tell all of them. This blessing is a fruit, but not an ordinary one. This fruit helps us in many ways like it will beautify our personality along removing our hunger and thirst. This blessing helps us to avoid many diseases and make ourselves healthy and fit. This fruit has four layers and each has different benefits. This blessing of Allah is named as “COCONUT”.  The oldest and renown percuss, Greece percuss said that “Coconut is an extremely powerful meal that makes your body healthy”. They also said that it will surely strengthen your immune system, eyesight, and brain. Greece percusses claims that coconut helps us to avoid many of kidney and liver diseases.

Do you know that coconut has so much power and benefits that a human can live for a long time if he/she only eats coconut and drink its water? The coconut tree is also a very amazing product of nature that will grow in any sort of conditions. Do you realize that islands which are surrounded by sea contain coconut tree in a large amount? A coconut tree didn’t require so much attention that other fruit trees demand. In “Sanskrit” Coconut tree is named as “Kalpavriksha”. Kalpavriksha means a tree that fulfills all needs of life. Surely it can fulfill all needs of life like its bark is used as fuel, its meat used as a delicious meal. Coconut water used to remove thirst and fulfills the need of salts which our body requires. 

It has so many benefits that it is used in medicines and its milk used for many beauty products.

Coconut Layers

Coconut has four layers and each holds different benefits. Layers and its benefits are the following.

1st Layer – Coconut Bark

2nd Layer – Coconut Meat Cover (Contains Coconut Flower)

3rd Layer – Coconut Water

4th Layer – Coconut Meat

Coconut Bark

Coconut Bark

Coconut bark is used as fuel and it is also used for the treatment of hiccup. Some people suffer from that kind of hiccup which is not ordinary. This hiccup might be continuing for 1 day or 1 week. If you are suffering from that kind of hiccup then ash of coconut bark will surely help you. To get rid of that problem takes a glass of water and drinks it after eating 1 to 2 pugil of this ash. This remedy will give you the desired results within minutes.

Coconut Meat Cover & Coconut Flower

Coconut Flower

When you remove coconut bark then you will find a hardcover of coconut. If your coconut is not completely ripe then you will find a white small flower on head of the coconut. If your coconut is completely ripe then you will find flower inside the coconut. This flower is called coconut flower and it is extremely helpful in avoiding many pregnancy problems. Coconut flower is a real blessing for those women who face serious problems of pregnancy at initial stages. It will also have the ability to protect oneself from miscarriage.

Coconut Meat Cover

Coconut meat cover is a bit hard and its coal is used as soap. When the coal of this cover is grind it will turn to an amazing paste. Its daily usage makes your teeth healthy and shiny. It will also protect your teeth from many diseases. 

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

This water contains so many good nutrients that it will work as an energy drink for our sciatical. Coconut water is like a glucose drip for those whose work contains laborious activities. This water has a low level of sugar and a high level of salts that are necessary for our body. It is very beneficial for those people who are suffering from blood pressure problems. Coconut water can resolve the constipation problem during pregnancy. This water helps you to avoid kidney stone problem and its massage will protect your face from acne and pimples.

Coconut Meat

Coconut Meat

Last but not least, the most important and powerful part of the coconut is its meat. It contains amino acid and proteins in a heavy amount. Coconut meat strengthens our immune system so that it can fight well against diseases. This meat can control cholesterol; it is very beneficial for heart patients too. Coconut meat contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and this is used in many beauty products as well. Coconut milk is widely used in beauty products. Now I will tell you how to make coconut milk.

Coconut milk

Coconut Milk

For making coconut milk we require two things, one is water and the second one is coconut meat. First of all, cut coconut meat into small pieces and put it in the grinder and then add some water in it. After that, you have to take a piece of muslin cloth and put the grinded product in it. Cover this product with this cloth and place a glass or jar beneath this cloth. Press this cloth and you will receive a liquid named Coconut milk.

This milk contains vitamin C in large quantity. Coconut milk will help us to maintain skin elasticity and flexibility. I used this milk previously for a face glowing remedy whose results are extremely amazing.

The result of all discussion is that coconut is not an ordinary fruit but real blessing Allah Almighty. All of the parts of coconut have the exceptional significance of human lives, so eat it and say Thanks to Allah.

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آج ہم آپ کوایک ایسےریمیڈی کےبارےمیں بتائیں گے۔جوآپ کی خوبصورتی کو بہتربنائےگی۔اورذراتصور کریں کہ آپکارنگ مناسب ہےاور آپ کی آنکھیں دلکش ہے لیکن آپ کے با ل خوبصورت دلکش نہیں ہیں تو سمجھئے آپ کی شخصیت قدرےخراب ہے۔یہ چیزاس لئےہوتی ہیں۔کیونکہ بال شخصیت کابیڑاغرق کردیتے ہیں۔آج ہم جوریمیڈی بنانےجارہےہیں۔اس سےآپ اپنےبالوں کوبہتربنا کراپنی شکل کوبہتربناسکتےہیں۔یہ ریمیڈی آپکےبالوں کوخوبصورتی فراہم کرے گی۔بہت سےشیمپواورکیمیکل استعمال کرکےہم بالوں کوسیداتوکرلیتےہیں۔لیکن اُن سےبالوں کی نمی مزیدختم ہوجاتی ہے۔اورپہلےسےبھی زیادہ بدنمانظر آنےلگتےہیں۔یہ ریمیڈی آپکےخراب شدہ بالوں کی بھی مرمت کرے گااوران کوزیادہ چمکداراور ریشمی بنائےگا۔یہ آپ کےبالوں کونمی بخشےگااورآپ کےبالوں کونرم کرے گا۔


ایک چوتھائی کپ ناریل کادودھ


سب سےپہلےسپرےبوتل میں ایک چوتھائی کپ ناریل کادودھ ڈالیں۔اس کے بعداس بوتل میں 3 کھانےکےچمچ گلیسرین ڈالیں اورمکس کرلیں۔مین ریمیڈی بعد میں ملےگی۔اس سپرےکواپنےبالوں پراس طرح چھڑکیں کہ کوئی بال بھی خشک نہ رہے۔اگر آپ نہیں جانتے کہ ناریل کادودھ کیسےبنایاجاتاہے۔تو کوکونٹ میمونہ لکھیں گےتوویڈی مل جائے گی۔اب بناتےہیں مین ریمیڈی ۔


اورنج جوس 2 سے 3 چمچ ۔ 

میئونیز 1بڑا چمچ۔

ابلے ہوئے چاول کا 1بڑا چمچ ۔

ہیئر کنڈیشنر۔

سب سے  پہلے آپ ایک چھوٹی سی  کٹوری لیں اور اس میں2سے 3چمچ  اورنج جوس شامل کریں۔اس کے بعد اس میں ایک بڑا چمچ میئونیز ڈالیں اور پھر اس میں ابلے ہوئے چاول کا مکسچر ڈالیں 1 چمچ ،آخر میں اس میں ہلکا ہیر کنڈیشنر شامل کریں گے۔اس میں آپ کسی بھی قسم کا  ہلکا کیڈیشنر استعمال کر سکتے ہیں۔اس کی  کوئی پابندی نہیں ہے۔


سب سےپہلےجوہم نےپہلےمائع بنایاتھا۔اسےسارےبالوں پرسپرےکریں اچھی طرح اوراس کےبعداس مکسچرکواپنےبالوں پرلگالیں۔ 30سے 40منٹ تک لگارہنےدیں۔اس کےبعداپنےبالوں کوشیمپوسےدھولیں اوراپنےبالوں کواچھی طرح سےکنگھی کر لیں کنگھی کرنےکےبعد آپ کےبال چمکداراورخوبصورت نظر آئیں گے۔


اگرآپ کےبال بہت لمبےہیں۔توتمام اجزاء کوبڑی مقدارمیں شامل کریں۔    

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