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Acne & Pimple Free Skincare Routine with Natural Face Wash, Mask & Night Treatment

Today I will you about a very special remedy. There are a lot of reasons due to which I am saying special, like this remedy, has exceptional ability to provide you a clear face. A clear face means a face that didn’t have a single pimple or acne. Along providing you a clear face this remedy will surely remove the black layer of dust and dirt from your face. This remedy is actually a face wash that not only clean your face but also protects you from many face problems. This remedy gives amazing results on oily skin.

Today I am not only telling you about-face wash but also telling you how you can increase your beauty using a simple beauty drink. Along telling you about an effective drink I will also tell you about a mask and night application. Means today I will tell you how you can get a clear, glowing and attractive face within days. But before telling you these extremely effective tools to improve the beauty, I want to give you the answer to the following question:

How Acne and Pimples appear on Face?

Many people who have oily skin assume that they suffer from acne and pimple problem more than those who have another kind of skin. But this thing is against the reality because the oil on face protects the face from dust and dirt. But if you leave your face unwashed after a small journey which is full of dust and dirt will become the reason of appearing pimples and acne on the face.

When you return to your home after traveling, your oily face which is full of sweat, dirt, and dust, wash it quickly. Because if you wait for drying your sweat then all dirt absorb in your face which will be the reason for appearing acne and pimples. So if you want to avoid pimples and acne on the face then wash your face before this dirt absorbs in your face. These pimples turn to dark spots in future and this dirt give scars on your face too. This is the precaution but if your face has a lot of pimples and acne then you can use the face wash described below. This face wash consists of the following ingredients:

Ingredients (Face Wash)

1tbs – Gram Flour

1 Drop – Tea Tree Oil

1tbs – Water

Face Wash

To make this face wash the first thing we require is one tablespoon gram flour and then add one drop of tea tree oil. After that add one tablespoon water in this mixture and apply it on your face after mixing them. You can apply this face wash on your face three times a day. If you have some kind of problem with tea tree oil then you can skip it. But remember that thing it has a very impressive impact against acne and pimples.    

Note: after applying gram flour use cucumber juice. Apply the juice of cucumber on your face and do your regular work. After 30 minutes remove this juice by washing your face and you will get a glowing and clear skin.

If you want better results than you can use the face mask with this face wash which is described below. This face mask is made up using the following ingredients:

Ingredients (Face Mask)

1tbs – Fuller’s Earth

1tbs – Oats (Powdered Form)

2 Drops – Tea Tree Oil

1tbs – Lavender Powder


Face Mask

For this mask, we require a small bowl. Add one tablespoon of fuller’s earth in this bowl. After fuller’s earth add crushed oats and lavender in this bowl. To make a paste of these powders add rosewater and tea tree oil in this bowl. After mixing these ingredients left this mixture and wait for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes wash your face and massage your face with this mixture. Remain this mask on your face for at least 30 minutes, after 30 minutes wash your face with water. This mask works as cleanser and scrub and absorbs excessive oil of your face too. It will also remove acne and pimples from your face and also eliminate the darker oily layer of your face. This mask removes blackhead from your face and makes it clear and soft.

You can apply this face mask three times a week. If you want better and effective results then you can use the night treatment too. To make the night treatment remedy follow the instructions described below:

Night Treatment

Night Treatment

In the night treatment, we use Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera gel has a lot of benefits on skin and in the night it will prove itself a dangerous weapon against acne and pimples. But before applying this gel on your face, if you use any oil-free face wash then the effect of this night treatment will be doubled. After applying this go to sleep and in the morning wash your face. After washing your face you will get fresh skin and it will lighten your acne and pimples. But if you want to remove acne and pimples on your face in a very short time then you can add castor oil in the Aloe Vera Gel.

Note: if you find any problem in searching for fresh Aloe Vera Gel then you can use “Chiltan Pure Aloe Vera Gel”. This is the best available gel in the market which is quite cheap and accessible.

All the remedies which are described above are extremely impactful. But if you add something in your diet to remove acne and pimples then you will get long-lasting results. Today I will tell you about a beauty a drink which has a lot of benefits and surely increase your beauty. This amazing beauty drink is made up using the following ingredients:

Ingredients (Acne Clear Water)

1 Jug – Water

1 Sliced Lemon

2tbs – Apple Cider Vinegar

Mint Leaves

1tbs – Honey

Acne Clear Water

For making this acne clean water the first thing we require is a jug of water. Add one sliced lemon in this water and then add apple cider vinegar in it. After that adding mint leaves in this water and in the end add one tablespoon honey in this mixture. Mix all of them and left this water for a whole night and here the magical remedy is ready to increase your beauty. Drink one glass of this water before breakfast and it will give you desired results in three days. This water will help you to flush out the toxins from your body in a natural way.

If you use all of these remedies regularly then you will get clear, brighter and fresh skin within a week. All of these remedies are made up using natural ingredients.  So use them without any hesitation and get the amazing benefits from nature and say Thanks to Allah Almighty.

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