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A Healthy Diet Plan for Weight Gain Fast & A Healthy Protein Powder

Today I will tell you how you can make your personality more attractive, awesome and beautiful by making your body fleshy and healthy. The thin and slim body doesn’t have so much attraction as a healthy body has. So, if you are thin and want to gain weight quickly then you are in the right place. As all know, to lose weight one must follow some instructions, in the same way, if you want to gain weight then you have to follow some instructions.

Today I will tell you some effective instructions that will help you to gain weight. Along telling you effective instructions, I will also tell you an amazing remedy that boosts up this process and you will surely gain weight in a very short time. The remedy I am talking about not only increases your weight but also makes your body and bones stronger. So, let’s start our discussion about gaining weight with the effective instruction which we have to follow to make our personality more beautiful and attractive. The instructions are the following:


1.      Diet Plan

  • If you want to gain weight quickly then you have to eat homemade food, after every two hours. The quantity of food is must be very small like you can eat sweets, a dumpling of gram flour (besan) and semolina (سوجی). You can also drink any kind of shake too, but the banana shake is the most effective one in our case. In simpler words, I want to say that thing eat in that quantity in which some space of your stomach must be left. If you eat food in that way,that your stomach is filled and you repeat this thing after every two hours, then there is a massive chance that your stomach will be damaged badly and you are in big trouble.
  • If you are very fond of eating rice then always add some vegetables to it.
  • Before making any vegetable in the house wash it and cut it in small pieces.
  • Whenever you want to eat pulse(دال), then make two pluses gather and eat them
  • Use the flour of wheat instead of any other flour

2.      Walk

  • If you want to gain weight than 30 minutes’ walk is necessary for you. If the 30-minute walk is very difficult for you then you can start it with a 10-minute walk.

Along following these instructions you have to use the magical remedy described below. This remedy will increase the process of gaining weight and provides us so many benefits that, it is not possible to describe all of them. So let’s start our discussion about the magical remedy with that question, which ingredients are used in this remedy.


1tbs – Brown Sugar (شکر)

1 Cup – Milk

1tbs – Sesame

1tbs – Poppy Seeds

Few Almonds


glass of milk for weight gain by memoona muslima

If you want to gain weight then milk is the most helpful tool for you. It can provide you calories, fat, minerals and vitamins; these are the essential things that are required for gaining weight.

Desi Shakar (Sugar)

If you want to gain weight then you have to increase the quantity of sweet food in your diet. Brown sugar is very helpful for gaining weight without getting any kind of side effects. Means if you add white sugar in your diet then you will get several kinds of side effects but brown sugar; only have benefits that increase body fat.


Sesame is a very good source of protein. If you eat the mixture of sesame and brown sugar daily then soon you realizes that thing, this mixture extraordinarily increases your weight.

Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are enriched with iron, calcium and essential nutrients. These seeds have an amazing ability to make bones stronger.


Almonds contain high fats and calories. It can strengthen the heart along increasing body fats.

Making and Use

First of all, take a small bowl and add 1 cup of milk in it. After adding milk add brown sugar and sesame in this bowl. In the end, add poppy seeds and almonds in this mixture and put all of them in the grinder and grind them. After grinding them store this in the jar. Eat two tablespoons of this amazing powder in the morning with an empty stomach. If you eat this with slightly hot milk then you will get better results quickly. You have to repeat this task for at least 3 weeks to gain weight.

This amazing remedy will give you the desired results in a supernatural way. Due to its supernatural ingredients, this mixture could be used by any family member of yours. Use it without any hesitation, because it didn’t have any kind of side effect. Keep remembering that thing this remedy only works well if you follow the above-described instructions.

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