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5 Tips to Get Baby Soft Pink Lips in a Week

Today I will tell you some remedies that will cure major problems of lips. Lips are one of the most sensitive and visible parts of one’s personality. Lips are so sensitive that small harm to these puts a very bad impact on one’s personality. This harm can demolish one’s face beauty too.

Today I will you how you can avoid dark and dry lips in a very effective and easy way. I will also tell you how you can eliminate tan and pigmentation problems from lips. I will also tell you how to make lips slim that increases one’s beauty dramatically. As you guessed that thing today’s topic is completely for girls and women. These remedies are some amazing and effective tips that will give you the desired result within a few days. So let’s start that discussion which will give you beautiful, baby soft and slim lips. The first tip is the following:

Tip No. 1

The first tip is for those girls whose lips are rough and damaged. The lips, I am talking about is so horrible that no lipstick can cover its disastrous impact. This disastrous impact ruins one’s personality. To avoid the rough and damaged lips you can use a simple tip. This tip only requires Vaseline. Apply Vaseline on your lips and remain it there for at least 15 minutes. After 15 minutes remove it using a towel or any cloth that seems like a towel. Keep remembering that thing after applying Vaseline never wash your lips with water.

This simple tip will allow you to cover all the damage of lips under a layer of Vaseline and after that apply lipstick on your lips to make them more beautiful. This is a fast and temporary way to make your lips plump and soft. If you want to avoid black and dark lips permanently then follow the very next tip.

Tip No. 2

To avoid dark and black lips you only require two amazing ingredients. These ingredients are lemon and olive oil. Olive oil is an exceptional balm for lips and lemon kill all unwanted cells of lips in no time. These ingredients have an exceptional impact on lips, to get these impacts the only thing you have to do it is to take half lemon. After that dip, this lemon in olive oil and rub it on your lips. Remain this liquid on your lips for a very short time and then wash it with a little cold water.  Repeat this task regularly, after a week you will get pinkish lips that don’t contain a single black spot.

If your lips are facing tanning and hyperpigmentation problems then the below tip will give you comfort effectively.

Tip No. 3

The pigmentation and tanning problem mostly occurred in the summer season. This problem can be resolved by using one tablespoon pulp of strawberry. This pulp must contain one tablespoon of glycerin and yogurt. Mix these ingredients and apply it on your lips and it’s around area too. This mixture moisturizes your lips and it’s around area. Moisturizing remove the darkness of lips and it will also give comfort against tanning and pigmentation problem. After applying this paste on lips remain it there for at least 15 minutes. After that wash your lips with cold water and you will get transformed beautiful lips.

If you are not happy with your bulky lips, then the below remedy or tip will surely help you by making your lips slim.

Tip No. 4

To make your lips slim the only thing you require is gallnut (پھل مازو). You will get gallnut from any grocer’s shop easily. First of all, you have to mash them and make a powder of these gallnuts. After that filter this powder with a cloth of muslin (ململ). In the end, add water in this powder and make a thick paste of it. Apply this paste on your lips, remain it there until this paste dried up. When the paste is dried up wash it with normal water. After 15 to 20 days you will get slim lips that will increase the charm of your personality, dramatically.

In the end, I will tell you how can make your lips plump, and how you can make them like jelly.

Tip No. 5

If you want to make your lips like plump then the only thing you require is the following ingredients:

Shea Butter

Coconut Oil


Oiled Lips Balm

Take all of them in a small quantity and put them in a bowl and place them in microwave Owen.

Turn off your Owen when these mixtures turn in to a liquid. Place this liquid in any small box or jar and when this liquid reaches to normal temperature then apply it on your lips. This liquid now turns into a moisturized lipstick and ready to make your lips more beautiful, soft and plump. So use it and make your personality more noticeable in an effective way.

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