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3 Amazing Sore Throat Home Remedies to Treat in Seconds


Today I will tell you about a remedy that will help you to give an impressive impact on your audience. To give a good impact the most important thing is a good personality. One of the major parts of one’s personality is his/her voice. Just imagine a situation in which you have to give a good impact on your audience and you have good clothes, attractive face and good hairs. At that time, if your throat is not well then, your bad voice is enough to ruin your whole personality. Or you can imagine a situation in which you have to speak for achieving an opportunity. For example, you have to give an important interview or some important presentation and your throat is not well. Means bad throat is your that enemy which will take away many opportunities from you.

Today I will tell you how you can cure your bad throat and get relief in a very short time. The remedy we will discuss today can protect you to lose any kind of opportunity. This remedy will made-up using those ingredients which are usually available in the kitchen. For making this remedy we will use the following ingredients:


2 Cup – Water

1tbs – Unrefined Flour

5 Granules – Black Pepper


1tbs – Salt

Remedy for Eliminating Swelling of Throat

Remedy for Eliminating Swelling of Throat

To make this remedy follow the given instruction

  • Take a pan and put this on the burner and turn it on
  • After that add 2 cups of water in this pan
  • Add one tablespoon of unrefined flour in this water
  • After adding flour add black pepper and a small piece of ginger in it
  • In the end, add salt in this mixture
  • Keep your burner on until half water evaporates means don’t turn your burner off until one cup of water is reduced
  • After reduction of water, filter this mixture and wait for a little time so this mixture cools down

After following these instructions you got that mixture that will help you to eliminate the swelling (inflammation) of the throat. The only thing required is that; this mixture should be used in gargling. After gargling you will get freedom from pain and a pleasant relief is also achieved.

If you didn’t want to use this remedy you can use the following remedy:

Remedy Number 2

Remedy Number 2

This remedy is also very effective and returns your voice in a very short time. This remedy is made-up using only two ingredients, these ingredients are:


Acacia Rind

To make this remedy, first of all, take a pan and put this on the burner and turn the burner “ON”. After that add water in it and add the rind of acacia in this water when the water is boiled up, turn off your burner. After that filter, this mixture, use this water for gargling. This mixture will help you to give relief to sciatical of your throat. Its first use will give you relief from pain and your healthy and normal voice get back towards you.

If our voice is lost due to bad throat then the remedy described below is very useful for you:

Remedy Number 3

This remedy is very useful for those, whose voice is lost or changed. This remedy consists of the following ingredients:



First of all, take one glass water and put this on the burner and boil this water. When the water is boiled up add one tablespoon of anise in it. After that, filter this water and drink it when it cools down. Its use will provide you the original voice of yours.

Note: if you eat black cardamom after drinking this water, it will give you, your original voice within 30 to 40 minutes. The only thing you have to do it, place the black cardamom in your mouth and chew this like betel (Paan). After 30 minutes through this black cardamom out from your mouth and speak. When you start speaking you will find that your voice is getting back towards its original shape.

All the remedies I have described will surely give you the desired results in a natural way. So you can use all of them according to the situation. All remedies can give you a sound throat which is an essential part of a good personality. A good personality has a good impact that can create good opportunities for you. So use them and say Thanks to Almighty Allah.

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